Solana Actions Make Blockchain More Accessible, Good News for $SOL And $SEAL

Solana just rolled out Actions, APIs that allow you to integrate blockchain transactions into any internet environment. Now, you can buy an NFT on X instead of OpenSea or send $SOL via text. 

Actions are a major step toward crypto adoption and will benefit all Solana tokens. By removing the entry barrier of dedicated crypto apps, Solana will drive widescale adoption of its ecosystem outside the crypto community. 

Let’s explore the Solana Actions update and what it means for the entire network.

About Solana Actions 

Typically, you need a specific app to perform on-chain transactions, be it exchanging tokens, buying NFTs, or voting on governance proposals. Newcomers often find complex interfaces and technical terms like ‘gas fees’ and ‘blockchain protocols’ daunting, which tends to confine crypto adoption to tech-savvy users

Furthermore, crypto transactions are irreversible. The stakes are high, so people afraid of making mistakes stick to traditional financial apps.

Solana aims to make crypto payments more accessible and flatten the learning curve for people unfamiliar with the market. Actions let you execute transactions from any platform through native buttons, QR codes, or links. 

However, Solana Actions aren’t limited to payments. You can vote, stake, swap, mint – anything you can do on-chain, you can now do off-chain. 

Impact on the Ecosystem

Soon, we might see Solana Actions on all our favorite platforms, from Discord to Amazon, making it easier to execute transactions. There’s one prerequisite, though – you can only do so on the Solana chain, which means you need Solana ecosystem tokens.

$SOL has been bullish this year, with a 709% price increase compared to $ETH’s 79% and $BTC’s 102%. Increased demand will further boost $SOL’s value, potentially helping it rebound to $200, which it reached in March. Moreover, it may create a ripple effect throughout the network

Solana price trend 2024

Several Solana meme and utility coins experienced explosive growth in 2024:

  • $WIF by 1,093%
  • $BONK by 5,951%
  • $BOME by 913%
  • $POPCAT by 2,786%
  • $LINK by 127%
  • $RNDR by 258%
  • $AR by 403%

Solana Actions, coupled with the recent ZK compression update that enhances scalability and minimizes transaction costs, may redefine blockchain’s user experience. Developing a $SOL ETP is another brick in the bridge between Web3 and traditional finance, with $SOL at its core. 

Impact on Sealana 

Developments within the Solana ecosystem could also benefit presale tokens like Sealana ($SEAL)

After raising over $6M, $SEAL presents investors with the last opportunity to buy tokens before the airdrop and the first DEX listing expected on July 2. 

$SEAL’s team had no way of knowing Solana would release several groundbreaking updates in a row, but stars have aligned for the project. The excitement around Solana Actions and ZK compression updates could give $SEAL a real boost immediately after listing.

Sealana presale website

Furthermore, $SEAL’s ironic play on American patriotism comes right on time for the ongoing US presidential race. Its strong meme appeal, coupled with Solana’s rise, makes $SEAL one of the best meme coins to buy in 2024. 

To get $SEAL before the presale ends, visit the official website, connect your wallet, enter the number of tokens you want, and confirm the transaction. 

Final Thoughts 

Updates of this scale truly change how we interact with blockchain and are a giant leap forward for the entire crypto community, particularly for the Solana ecosystem. By giving developers the tools to create user-friendly blockchain experiences, Solana paves the way for mass adoption.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not constitute financial advice. We encourage readers to conduct their own research and determine their own risk tolerance before making any financial decisions. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile, high-risk asset class.

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