Crypto Twitter’s attention span tends to be short-lived, with fresh controversial topics quickly replacing the previous talking points—but Jaylene Cook recently found herself the main topic of conversation on the timeline for more than the typical news cycle. 

That’s thanks to Only1, a crypto OnlyFans alternative on the Solana blockchain, where she offered three spots for a date with her—for 250 SOL, or a cool $36,000 apiece as of this writing.

Her top-tier Date Night Pass offers the following benefits: 1-on-1 video calls, an opportunity for her to fly you out or fly to you (at the buyer’s expense), a five-star hotel booked with a date, and bragging rights that you dated a Playboy Playmate.

Cook went viral yet again last week when the date was actually purchased for about $41,000 worth of SOL at the time, and people are still talking about it. She spoke with Decrypt for an exclusive interview about the viral date offer and why she’s a fan of the Solana platform.

As a former Playboy Playmate, Cook was no stranger to the intricacies of adult entertainment. However, Only1 intrigued her from the moment the platform reached out to her.

“Only1 had reached out late last year, informing me of their platform and their goal of being the OnlyFans of Web3,” Jaylene recalled. “I didn’t sign up right away but loved the idea, so I kept them on my radar.”

However, she changed her mind when she interacted with Ansem, a prominent Crypto Twitter influencer known for boosting meme coins like Solana’s Dogwifhat (WIF). He teamed with Only1 for an “Ansem’s Angels” promotion to bring attention to the platform, with the prominent influencer taking a 5% cut of sales. Only1 does not otherwise offer referral bonuses.

“I had been engaging with Ansem online when Only1 reached out again, this time to discuss becoming one of ‘Ansem’s Angels’ for a campaign they had planned,” she said. “I saw this as a tremendous opportunity to onboard new users and creators to the platform.”

The allure of Only1 extended beyond a different option for sharing exclusive, gated content. Jaylene highlighted the platform’s unique features compared to traditional platforms like OnlyFans.

“I like the fact that Only1 being on-chain allows the customer to have true privacy,” she said. “From a creator’s perspective, the biggest issues with traditional platforms such as OnlyFans are issues with payment processing. Only1 solves this issue as the payments go directly to your wallet, providing creators with peace of mind and full control over their earnings.”

Beyond just Cook and her “Date Night,” Only1 said last week that transaction volume for primary passes on Only1 sales had reached $62,000 over the previous two weeks

A subscriber of Cook’s and other creators who asked to remain anonymous told Decrypt that the experience with Only1 feels more “genuine” than on other sites like OnlyFans.

“I feel like at least the people on the platform right now are active on Twitter and on platforms that are related to crypto,” they shared. “It does feel more genuine than it does with other models or pages that I’ve talked to. It feels more authentic because you’re constantly seeing them talking in Spaces or tweeting, or you know they’re a bit more active.” 

However, they’ve encountered what they see as mistaken beliefs about being a subscriber. 

“I do think it’s a big misconception about being a ‘simp’ and sending money for attention with girls, because I do feel—at least from the experiences that I’ve had—that you can actually build a genuine connection,” they said. “Obviously the monetary aspect sometimes makes it blurred, but at the end of the day you both know the situation.”

“I do find it enjoyable to be able to talk to girls that I wouldn’t on a regular basis, or be scared or shy to come up to in person,” they added. “Doing it online helps.” 

Despite the virtual nature of her involvement so far, Jaylene says she’s “totally open” to real-life experiences with her fans. She hasn’t gotten to that point yet, but broadly she’s been happy with the response to Ansem’s Angels and her pricey dates.

“Joining Ansem’s Angels came with its share of surprises, both good and bad,” Cook admitted. “I always expect FUD with campaigns like this, but I was surprised at just how much there was. It was perfect for making the campaign go viral and certainly landed a lot of eyes on the project.”

But beyond the hate and the noise, she found camaraderie among fellow creators online.

“We all support each other’s content and hype each other up, because we understand the power of networking,” Cook explained. “There’s also an element of safety and other things we chat about, along with ideas and feedback on how to continue improving the product and experience for all users.”

Addressing the controversy surrounding the 250 SOL date, Jaylene leaned into it with characteristic humor and resilience. She even launched her own meme coin called 250SOL.

“The meme coin was created as a sort of ‘fuck you’ to the FUD and a reminder to stay bullish on yourself,” she said. “I wanted to do something fun for the degens that were fueling the FUD.”

“It made me feel like I had just bowled a strike!” she laughed. “I’ve been in space long enough to know that a little hate is bullish and FUD is fuel.”

Looking ahead, Cook remained tight-lipped about future plans but hinted at developments on the horizon. “I’m a big believer in under-promising and over-delivering,” she teased. “So I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”

As for the person who purchased the 250 SOL date? They have yet to reveal themself publicly.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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