The US Department of Labor dropped quite the bombshell on the crypto-verse on Friday, as the updated non-farm jobs for May caused a massive sell-off on most crypto projects. The influential Bitcoin was included in the decline phase, and crypto whales are off to other projects for their profits this summer.

Solana’s (SOL) price is trading at losses on the weekly timeframe despite a spike in DeFi activity on the blockchain. On the other hand, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is attracting whales, as bulls are targeting $0.00014 this year. 

Meanwhile, RCO Finance (RCOF) is looking to eclipse the top DeFi coins with its new protocol, and the presale is all investors can think of. Read on to learn more!

Solana Has Defi Activity Raising Investors’ Hopes

The SOL token hit rock bottom for the year when Ethereum’s ETFs were approved, but the meme coins on the Solana ecosystem have kept the SOL price afloat. Significant pumps have been recorded on Solana’s network, but the price has stayed the same.

Now, that could mean that the platform is preparing for a rally. The reduced SOL price at $159, combined with the huge spike in development, is looking attractive to investors. All that could increase buying pressure, driving Solana into the green very soon. 

The best part is the Solana price predictions reflect that $200 is feasible this week. AmbCrypto even reports some other predictions that hint at the $1,000 price mark, but those will take the entire market condition to improve.

Shiba Inu Whales Are Looking to a New ATH Soon

The recent sell-off pressure could prove to be a catalyst for price movements on previously underperforming tokens like Shiba Inu. The meme coin’s bulls have been actively stacking SHIB tokens even before the sell-off, and if all goes well, the returns could be massive.

Shiba Inu is trading at 8% losses on the weekly timeframes, and its market cap reset recently, making it slip out of the top ten cryptocurrencies list. Nonetheless, there’s bullish optimism all over the SHIB network, as Mags, a Twitter crypto analyst, indicated that this might be the last chance to buy SHIB tokens before they spike.

The Shiba Inu price predictions are pegged around $0.00014 by September. From all indications, SHIB looks at some three months of constant growth.

Meanwhile, RCOF offers even better profits, and the DeFi prospects are drawing investors to the platform.

RCO Finance: Profits for Traders and LPs

Many DeFi projects have launched to upgrade the trading experience in the crypto-verse, but they have yet to come close to providing the comfort RCO Finance promises. This time, there’s AI, and in the best possible way. 

The machine learning function, Robo Advisor, mimics an actual financial broker, as it learns your trading strategies and behavior before recommending trading tips to its users. That way, you’re not relearning complex trading strategies but using your existing trading styles more profitably.

For liquidity providers, a crypto lending protocol and Automated Market Makers allow token holders to deposit their assets for use on RCO Finance. The lenders gain passive income from the interest on the loans, while the LPs gain rewards for donating their assets to trading pairs.

So, whether you’re a trader or donating to the token pools, RCO Finance is the place to be. Furthermore, SolidProof, a top web3 smart contract auditor, has audited its smart contract.

RCOF is Delivering 3000% Profits!

There’s rarely a chance for presale profits with top DeFi coins, but RCOF tokens deliver 3,000% profits in their ongoing presale. Buy your RCOF tokens at $0.0127 each in Stage 1 of the presale and watch the profits skyrocket as RCOF reaches its launch price of $0.4. Get in before it’s too late!

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