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Franklin Templeton, a global investment firm managing 1.6 trillion dollars, has released a report titled “Solana: Accelerated Adoption,” which predicts that Solana is positioned to become the third major crypto asset after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The report states, “Our view is that Solana’s growth is likely to continue because it is well positioned to capture the next wave of crypto adoption, solidifying itself as the third major crypto asset after Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).”

The analysts highlight that Solana has dominated in capturing the surge of crypto activity during this period, particularly driven by major airdrops in the Solana ecosystem, such as Jito and Pyth. 

“These airdrops created a billion dollar plus wealth effect in the ecosystem, driving SOL and other Solana ecosystem tokens higher, especially meme coins,” the report states.

Franklin Templeton’s analysts point out that Solana has seen a significant increase in total fees and decentralized exchange volumes over the past year, indicating strong growth.

“In the past year, Solana has seen significant growth demonstrated through an increase in both total fees and DEX volumes on the network,” the report mentions.

The asset manager believes that Solana is uniquely qualified to capture the next wave of adoption in several sectors, including decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN), payments (especially micropayments), compression NFTs (XNFTs), and centralized limit order books (CLOBs) with payment-for-order-flow. 

While Solana has experienced congestion issues due to high demand, the developer community is actively working on solutions. One major catalyst expected to address these issues is Firedancer, a Solana validator client developed by Jump Crypto. 

Franklin Templeton’s growing interest in Solana, as seen in their tweets earlier this year, stems from the firm’s attraction to Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko’s vision and the significant developments in Solana’s ecosystem during Q4 2023, including progress in decentralized prediction markets (DePIN), DeFi, meme coins, NFTs.

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