SOL tokens are seeing a massive influx of attention following the epic rise of $BONK, $WIF, and $BOME, all of which reached the billion-dollar market cap club.
The rise of Solana in 2024 has been nothing short of spectacular, bringing a handful of SOL-based tokens into the spotlight as they continue surging.
As a result, investors are on the prowl for the top Solana cryptos to buy now for long-term gains.However, with so many scam projects circulating, it’s impossible to pinpoint which SOL tokens will survive the month.
Fortunately, we’ve done some digging and found five of the best SOL tokens to buy for long-term gains. We’ve included a wide range of options, including Meme coins, airdrop tokens, utility projects, and revenue-sharing casinos.
Slothana ($SLOTH)


Slothana ($SLOTH) is quickly emerging as one of the best $SOL tokens to buy due to its highly relatable meme, the potential to go viral, unique presale mechanism, and expert marketing team behind it.
Slothana ($SLOTH) represents all the lazy sloths in the world who are on their 9-5 daily grind, daydreaming about making huge crypto profits to change their lives.
The meme perfectly encapsulates this sentiment, with a handsome sloth character sitting in his office, waiting for his shift to end. Slothana is tired of his daily grind and wants to make a massive entrance into the crypto world through $SLOTH.
The presale for Slothana raised an extraordinary $2 million in just three days as investors rush to position themselves for the next Solana meme coin sensation.
The presale utilizes a unique mechanism that requires users to send $SOL tokens to a wallet address to receive $SLOTH when the token drops.
This fundraising strategy has helped popular meme coins like $BOME and $SLERF reach mainstream audiences, and $SLOTH intends to replicate its strategy.
To participate in this presale, send $SOL to the wallet address highlighted on the project’s website. Alternatively, use the Lazy Sloth Buy Widget to send $SOL directly to the wallet address.
Visit $SLOTH today.
Smog ($SMOG)


Smog token remains one of the best Solana cryptos to buy now for long-term gains as $SMOG holders anticipate its historic airdrop.
Smog allows users to buy $SMOG and accumulate airdrop points to qualify for a historic airdrop on the Solana network. The team has allocated 35% of the total supply to provide the airdrop, which would result in over $100 million $SMOG being distributed if the airdrop occurs at the project’s peak $300 market cap value.
The popularity of the meme coin is demonstrated through its Zelay campaign, which allows users to accumulate more airdrop points to complete quests. With well over a million quests completed, it’s clear that the community is eager to earn as many airdrop points as possible, increasing their $SMOG airdrop distribution.
With a unique airdrop utility, expertly crafted marketing strategy, high-profile influencers onboard, and a rumoured burning protocol hinted at coming, $SMOG is definitely one of the best $SOL tokens to buy now for long-term gains.
$SMOG can be purchased at a discount OTC using $ETH or $USDT on the project’s website. Alternatively, it can be bought on Jupiter DEX using $SOL.
Buy $SMOG today.

Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20)


Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) is one of the new emerging meme coins turning heads as it seeks to lead the Doge-related meme coin race in 2024.
Although not explicitly a Solana-based token, many meme coins have launched on Ethereum and bridged over to Solana, and investors believe Dogecoin20 is following the same roadmap.
Dogecoin20 describes itself as the ultimate Dogecoin upgrade, bringing a fresh twist to the dog-based meme coin sector by allowing $DOGE20 holders to stake their tokens and earn a passive income.
The team has allocated 15% of the total $DOGE20 supply to provide rewards for the next two years. The high APY is designed to encourage users to hold $DOGE20 through its launch, reducing the selling pressure on the market.
Furthermore, Dogecoin20 brings enhanced features relative to Dogecoin and removes the infinite inflation problem experienced by $DOGE by implementing a strict 140 million $DOGE20 supply.
Overall, $DOGE20 is the latest Doge-related meme coin gaining traction, and its presale provides the perfect entry opportunity before any potential Solana bridge is implemented. $DOGE20 can be purchased using $ETH, $USDT, or a credit/debit card on the project’s website.
Buy $DOGE20 today.

Whales Market ($WHALES)


Whales Market ($WHALES) is an OTC market for whales on the Solana blockchain. It provides the ultimate OTC DEX for trading airdrop allocations and earning points for $SOL tokens in a trustless peer-to-peer marketplace.
The project allows Solana traders to trade projects before they hit the open market, allowing them to become early investors in the next Solana-based token. Furthermore, it provides options to buy Solana-based tokens OTC in a peer-to-peer manner and earn awarding points from new projects.
Whales Market offers unique features to elevate its protocol, such as the Whale Shield, which protects buyers if sellers decide to ghost orders.
Overall, this trustless marketplace is a top Solana crypto to buy now for long-term gains.

SolCasino ($SCS)


SolCasino ($SCS) is the very first casino on the Solana blockchain, bringing a top-tier casino, sportsbook, and leverage trading utility to the network.
The $SCS token launched in July 2022 and has since gained popularity, thanks to the latest Solana bullish rally.
The project introduces a unique NFT staking system that provides different avenues to earn passive income on the protocol. For example, the SolCasino BEAR NFTs offer a steady stream of $SCS tokens through revenues generated on the platform.
Furthermore, $SCS provides its own benefits to the casino, allowing discounts on fees, participation in governance operations, and the chance to unlock exclusive rewards.
Overall, SolCasino has grown tremendously in the past few weeks and is touted to become the next Rollbit on the Solana network.
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