Solana Mobile device Saga, which was recently sold out on the official website of the protocol, has been rated as the worst phone of 2023 by renowned tech reviewer Marques Brownlee (MKBHD).

The MKBDH Review of Saga

The popular YouTuber made a review of the much-talked-about crypto device, awarding the phone the rank of the “Worst New Phone of 2023.” He ended up comparing purchasing the Saga phone to buying a Times share saying “it might seem like a good idea for like two seconds, but the second you actually do it, you realize how horrible of an idea it was.”

MKBHD stated that he would not advise a person to purchase the phone for whatever amount it is being offered. Funnily, this comes a few days after eBay listed the device for as high as $5000 amidst a demand boom. This was surprising as Solana had earlier listed the phone for only $599.

The demand for the Saga phone skyrocketed significantly after it was discovered that each new Solana Saga phone came with a free 30 million Bonk (BONK) token. Investors decided that the memecoin might be more valuable than the phone in the long term with its price breakout recently pointing toward this fact. 

Will Solana Mobile Fix Saga’s Flaws?

This review from the YouTuber suggests that there may be some major flaws with the design of the phone. Solana Saga was designed as a flagship crypto-first Android phone that possesses ‘Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1, 12GB of RAM, 512GM of Flash, 6.67” OLED display’ specifications. 

The phones are integrated with SMS in addition to inputs from OSOM Privacy. The flaws that MKBHD may have discovered are likely linked to some of these specifications. Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko reacted to the review as posted by DEGEN News on the X app.

The blockchain company and the team behind the design on the Saga phone may take this review as a cue to return to their drawing board to fix the issues or not. Doing so might help it outperform market leaders in the long term as Yakovenko has earlier hinted.

Cybersecurity firm CertiK had previously voiced some concerns over the security of the Saga mobile but Solana was quick to debunk the claim. This may be a good time to revisit that concern, as well as other broader Solana outages to at least, allay the fears of people who have purchased the phone.

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