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Over the past month, Solana (SOL) has experienced a steady price increase, with gains of 81.8%.

After reaching a resistance level at $32, the price retraced slightly but recovered swiftly, holding most of the gains achieved in the previous week and ending the week with a 31.8% increase. So should investors watch out for SOL this week? 

As of 12:30 a.m. EST, SOL is trading at $27.97, reflecting a 2.9% increase over the past 24 hours and $706 million in trading volume. The start of the week on Monday showed promising signs for Solana, with a bullish candle forming on the daily chart, suggesting the possibility of a significant upward surge in its price movement.

Solana Price Analysis 7/17/23

On June 14, Solana experienced a surge from its bottom of 14.07, pushing its price to a local high of $22.53. This substantial increase supported the bulls and propelled the price even further to $32.62, a 44.74% gain.

Solana Price Bullish, Eyeing Breakout Towards $39.23 Resistance

Solana Chart. Technical Indicators 7/17/2023

Solana’s price has been in a prolonged consolidation phase since January. However, June 4 saw the SOL price rebound from its bottom support of $14.07, breaking above a crucial resistance level of $22.56.

Although there was a slight retracement, it became a catapult for further growth, causing the price to break through the upper trendline of the consolidation phase and resistance level at $26.82.

The technical indicators, including the moving averages and the Relative Strength Index (14), align to indicate a strong bullish sentiment in the market. The rebound at the support level of $14.07 has seen the price trading above the 50-day EMA and 200-day EMA, indicating a foothold in the price of SOL by buyers. 

Additionally, the 50-day moving average shows the potential to cross above the 200-day moving average, which could provide further momentum for the bulls to drive prices higher.

Moving average potential crossovers and a bullish pennant formation present a compelling argument for a near-term upward price trend in SOL. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the relative strength index (RSI) is currently trading in the overbought region, specifically at a high level of 82. 

While this could potentially lead to a slight retracement towards the 70 level, it is unlikely to hinder the overall bullish momentum driving the SOL price, potentially leading to a breakout toward the resistance level at $39.23. 

Investors can also look to the Chimpzee token, the next cryptocurrency project to explode with successful presale stages and a low price with great returns.

Chimpzee, The Next Crypto to Explode 

Chimpzee stands out as one of the most promising crypto projects in today’s market, positioning itself as the next cryptocurrency set to make a significant impact. 

By aiming to raise funds for a robust launch through presale initiatives, Chimpzee offers early investors and traders the opportunity to be part of its growth. Chimpzee has raised nearly $1 million in funding at its seventh stage.

The disruptive crypto platform Chimpzee empowers its users and supporters to earn a passive income while actively contributing to the preservation of animals and the fight against climate change.

The project’s core focus lies in wildlife preservation and environmental conservation, making it a noteworthy venture in the crypto space. 

Collaborating with renowned platforms such as The Giving Block, Wild, and ONETREEPLANTED, Chimpzee actively encourages users to join the global fight against climate change.

Chimpzee Gold Passport NFTs Environmentally Impactful with Staking Benefits

Investors participating in the presale’s early gold stages will have the exciting opportunity to mint Chimpzee Gold Passport Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Once the presale concludes, these exclusive NFTs will allow holders to mint up to 750,000 Chimpzee Gold Passport NFTs in a special NFT mint event. 

One of the significant advantages is the staking capability, which offers an impressive yield of 18%. 

In addition, the first-ever Chimpzee token burn is coming this week. This will lead to a reduction in token supply, potentially increasing the price of the Chimpzee token.

Chimpzee’s $CHMPZ Presale Reaches $863,000 and Enters ‘Gold’ Stages

Chimpzee Presale

Chimpzee has achieved a remarkable milestone by raising $863,000 through presales of its native $CHMPZ token. This ongoing presale stage ushers chimpzee token into the first of three “gold” stages 

The platform targets explicitly environmentally-focused crypto investors, inviting them to join the presale. 

By participating now, they can secure their own $CHMPZ tokens at an exceptionally attractive price of only $0.0007 per token, coupled with an impressive 125% token bonus. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to positively impact the world while reaping substantial rewards.

The $CHMPZ presale is advancing rapidly, with only 4 days left in its 7th stage. Investors are encouraged to act quickly, as the $CHMPZ price will increase to $0.000775 in its next presale stage.

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