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Since our previous post on the best crypto to buy, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies worldwide has grown by 1.60%. That marks a significant milestone of $1.14 trillion.

Market Cap Chart

Market Cap Charts

The rise in the global market cap might be attributed to the ongoing meme coin season. Despite the top cryptocurrencies experiencing little to no gains, meme coins like Tamadoge are raising the crypto market cap.

With many digital assets in the market, identifying the best cryptocurrencies to purchase today requires careful analysis and consideration. This comprehensive guide delves into cryptocurrencies, highlighting the key factors that can influence investment success. You will gain valuable insights into the best crypto to buy now by exploring fundamental principles, market trends, and technological advancements.

We will provide a well-rounded perspective on the crypto landscape. We will go beyond the surface-level hype to uncover the underlying fundamentals contributing to cryptocurrencies’ value and potential growth.

The Best Cryptocurrencies to Purchase Today

Investors constantly seek opportunities to make smart investment decisions in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. This guide will equip seasoned traders and newbies with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions. It will also help in navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital assets. Get ready to explore the potential of the best crypto to buy now.

1. Wall Street Memes (WSM) 

The Wall Street Memes Token has become a viral meme project that has captured the attention of many. The project’s team was behind the immensely successful Wall St Bulls NFT collection, which sold out in 32 minutes last year. Once again, they have ignited excitement with their latest venture, Wall Street Memes.

Prepare for an earth-shattering announcement as they release their highly anticipated Bitcoin Ordinals collection on Magic Eden. The anticipation surrounding this collection has reached unprecedented levels, leading to extreme support for the Wall Street Memes token.

Since its launch on May 25, this project has taken the community by storm. It raised an astounding $100,000 in just a few hours. Just three days later, the project has raised approximately $740,000. Even more astonishing is that it’s on track to surpass the $1,000,000 milestone. This achievement is unsurprising, given their strong connection to the renowned ‘WallStreetBets’ Reddit community. In addition, the project has a staggering following of 400,000 on social media.

WSM lacks a specific use or function, but it enjoys the support of a significant meme movement. It is a tribute to when an ordinary individual challenged Wall Street during the GameStop saga in 2021. This monumental moment ignited something extraordinary, leading to the establishment of Wall Street Memes, which takes this movement to an entirely new level with its exclusive token.

At present, individuals can acquire WSM tokens during the initial stage of their presale at $0.0253 per token. There is a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, with 50% reserved for the presale. The team has set a hard cap of $30.577 million. What makes it even more intriguing is the team’s demonstration of their commitment by not allocating any tokens to themselves. The remaining tokens will be utilized for community rewards and ensure liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The price of $WSM will rise as the presale advances – the token will reach $0.0337 by the final stage. Therefore, those who join earlier will secure a more favourable deal, making it the best crypto to buy now. Additionally, they provide an enticing token airdrop opportunity, serving as an attractive participant bonus.

2. Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that enables users to store, retrieve, and distribute data securely and efficiently. The blockchain project utilizes the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol to create a decentralized and resilient network for data storage. Filecoin’s native cryptocurrency, FIL, plays a vital role in the network’s operations and incentivizes participants.

Recently, Filecoin has witnessed significant developments that have propelled its growth and adoption. Its mainnet launch occurred in October 2020. It marked a significant milestone for Fileocin as it transitioned from a testnet to a fully functional and operational network. The launch was met with great enthusiasm from the community, spurring increased interest and participation in the ecosystem.

Since its mainnet launch, Filecoin has experienced steady growth in network activity and storage capacity. The total storage capacity on the Filecoin network has surpassed several exabytes. This statistic makes it one of the largest decentralized storage networks and the best crypto to buy now. An expanding network of storage miners has facilitated this growth in storage capacity. These individuals provide their computational resources to store and retrieve data on the Filecoin network.


Another notable development is the continuous improvement of the Filecoin protocol. The development team has enhanced the network’s performance, scalability, and security. Updates and upgrades to the protocol have been rolled out regularly, addressing various aspects. Such advancements include storage deals, retrieval efficiency, and consensus mechanisms. These efforts have resulted in a more robust and reliable network. They have attracted more users and applications to leverage Filecoin for their storage needs.

Furthermore, Filecoin has witnessed increasing integrations and partnerships with prominent companies and projects. These collaborations have helped expand the use cases and utility of Filecoin. They allow users to leverage its decentralized storage capabilities across various industries. Partnerships with platforms like dWeb and Textile have seamlessly integrated Filecoin’s storage solution into existing applications and services. Therefore, such collaborations further boost the network’s adoption.

In terms of price performance, FIL has shown resilience and steady growth. While it experienced fluctuations along with the overall cryptocurrency market, it has maintained a positive trajectory. The growing demand for decentralized storage solutions and the expanding Filecoin ecosystem have contributed to appreciating FIL’s value.

Filecoin aims to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation. The project has ambitious plans to enhance the network’s scalability, improve storage efficiency, and introduce new features. These developments will contribute to the broader adoption of decentralized storage and the advancement of the Web3 ecosystem. FIL is available on eToro.

3. Conflux (CFX)

Here is a blockchain platform that aims to provide a scalable and high-performance infrastructure for dApps. It utilizes a unique consensus algorithm called Tree-Graph, combining the benefits of proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanisms. By doing so, Conflux ensures fast transaction processing and high throughput while maintaining high security.

The launch of the Conflux Network Mainnet took place in October 2021. It marked a crucial step in the project’s roadmap, transitioning from a testnet to a fully operational blockchain network. The mainnet launch enabled developers and users to deploy their applications and interact with the Conflux ecosystem.

Since then, Conflux has focused on expanding its ecosystem and fostering collaborations with various industry players. One critical partnership was established with Ankr, a leading cloud infrastructure provider. Conflux aims to enhance its infrastructure through this collaboration and provide developers seamless access to the platform’s resources. By leveraging Ankr’s decentralized cloud platform, developers can quickly deploy and scale their dApps on the Conflux Network.


In addition to partnerships, Conflux has been actively involved in research and development to enhance its technology further. The team has been improving the Tree-Graph consensus algorithm, optimizing its performance and scalability. By addressing these aspects, Conflux seeks to offer a more efficient and user-friendly experience to both developers and users.

The Conflux ecosystem has also seen decentralized applications and community engagement growth. Several dApps have been developed on the Conflux Network, spanning various sectors such as finance, gaming, and NFTs. These applications leverage the platform’s scalability and high throughput to provide users with fast and seamless experiences. Furthermore, Conflux has been organizing hackathons, developer workshops, and community events to encourage participation and innovation within its ecosystem.

From a statistical standpoint, Conflux has steadily increased its market capitalization and trading volume. The project’s native token, CFX, has gained traction and is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. The team has also focused on expanding its global reach with strategic partnerships and initiatives in different regions worldwide.

4. Solana (SOL)

Solana’s unique features and growing ecosystem have increased its popularity among investors and developers. A key aspect that sets Solana apart is its high scalability and transaction throughput. The blockchain’s architecture is designed to handle massive transactions per second. This attribute makes it one of the fastest and most efficient networks in the crypto space. This scalability is achieved through innovative technologies, including a proof-of-history (PoH) consensus mechanism and a network of distributed nodes known as validators.

The crypto project has witnessed substantial growth and adoption across various sectors. The platform has seen a surge in decentralized applications (dApps) built on its network. These dApps cover multiple industries, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and gaming. The Solana ecosystem has attracted numerous developers and projects looking to leverage its high-speed and low-cost infrastructure.

Furthermore, Solana has garnered attention through its strategic partnerships and collaborations. It has established alliances with prominent companies and institutions, including exchanges, venture capital firms, and blockchain projects. These partnerships aim to foster innovation and drive the adoption of Solana’s technology in different domains. Solana’s integration with major cryptocurrency exchanges has also increased accessibility and liquidity for SOL tokens.

In terms of market performance, SOL has experienced remarkable growth. The cryptocurrency’s value has surged significantly, reaching all-time highs and securing a place among the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. This demand increase can be attributed to several factors, including the platform’s technical advancements, growing ecosystem, and broader market trends. SOL is listed on eToro.

Moreover, Solana has made significant strides in expanding its community and developer base. The platform engages with its users through various initiatives, including hackathons, grant programs, and educational resources. These efforts aim to foster a vibrant ecosystem and encourage developers to build innovative applications on Solana.

Solana has ambitious plans for further development and expansion. The team behind Solana continues to enhance the platform’s capabilities, focusing on cross-chain interoperability, decentralized governance, and scalability improvements. These ongoing efforts aim to solidify Solana’s position as a leading blockchain platform and the best crypto to buy now. They will fuel its growth in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape

5. NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

NEAR Protocol is a blockchain platform that provides scalable and user-friendly solutions for decentralized applications (dApps). It aims to address the limitations of existing blockchain networks by offering high throughput, low latency, and developer-friendly infrastructure. 

In 2020, NEAR Protocol launched its MainNet, allowing developers to deploy and run their applications on a live, production-ready network. This development marked a significant milestone for NEAR, transitioning from a testnet to a fully operational blockchain platform. The MainNet launch provided developers a stable and secure environment to build and deploy their decentralized applications.

NEAR has also been actively working on improving its infrastructure and ecosystem. It has established partnerships with various organizations and projects to foster growth and adoption. For instance, NEAR collaborated with Open Web Collective, a startup accelerator, to support early-stage projects building on the NEAR platform. This partnership aims to provide resources, mentorship, and funding to promising projects, thus encouraging innovation within the NEAR ecosystem.


In terms of scalability, NEAR has introduced a technique called sharding. Sharding enables parallel processing and improves the capacity of the network to handle a more significant number of transactions. This innovation allows NEAR to achieve higher throughput and better scalability than other blockchain platforms. By implementing sharding, NEAR aims to address traditional blockchain networks’ scalability challenges.

Besides, NEAR Protocol has been focusing on enhancing the user experience for developers and users. It has introduced NEAR Wallet, a user-friendly interface that simplifies creating and managing NEAR accounts. The wallet provides a seamless and intuitive experience for interacting with NEAR dApps. That makes it easier for users to utilize the platform’s applications – it is the best crypto to buy now.

Statistics-wise, NEAR Protocol has seen significant growth and adoption. NEAR has a market capitalization of over $1.4 billion. Its native token, NEAR, is listed on various prominent cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform has attracted diverse developers and projects, resulting in a vibrant ecosystem of decentralized applications. Additionally, NEAR has gained recognition from industry-leading organizations and has received funding and support from prominent venture capital firms.

6. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity has been making waves in the blockchain gaming world with its unique play-to-earn model and recent developments. This popular dApp has gained popularity due to its innovative gameplay and the potential for players to earn real-world rewards.

The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows players to collect, breed, and battle digital creatures called Axies. These Axies are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be bought, sold, and traded on various platforms. The game has gained a massive following, with players from around the globe actively participating in battles and tournaments.

One of the critical developments in Axie Infinity is the introduction of the Ronin sidechain. This Layer-2 solution was created to address the scalability issues of the Ethereum network and improve the overall user experience. By moving most of the gameplay and transactions to Ronin, Axie Infinity has significantly reduced transaction fees. Furthermore, it has increased gameplay speed, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Axie Infinity has experienced explosive growth. The platform has over 1 million daily active users (DAUs), making it one of the most popular dApps. This user activity surge has significantly impacted the value of the AXS token, the native cryptocurrency of Axie Infinity. The AXS token has seen a meteoric rise in its price, reaching all-time highs. It has solidified its position as the best crypto to buy now.

The play-to-earn model offered by Axie Infinity has also caught the attention of many individuals seeking alternative income streams. Players can earn in-game tokens and assets by participating in battles, breeding and selling Axies, and completing quests. These rewards can then be converted into real-world currencies, allowing players to earn a living through the game.

The success of Axie Infinity has led to a vibrant ecosystem around the game. Various marketplaces and platforms have been created to facilitate trading Axies and in-game assets. Moreover, the game has attracted the attention of traditional investors and venture capitalists. This popularity has resulted in significant funding rounds to support further development and expansion. Check out AXS on eToro.

Looking ahead, Axie Infinity has ambitious plans to enhance its gameplay and attract even more users. The project’s team aims to introduce new features, such as land gameplay and the ability to build player-owned economies. They also plan to expand to other blockchain networks, enabling more players to join the Axie universe.

7. Mask Network (MASK)

Mask Network is a groundbreaking dApp that enables users to securely and privately send encrypted messages, conduct financial transactions. Also, it provides access to DeFi platforms directly through popular social media platforms. It enhances user privacy and security while seamlessly integrating with social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Recently, Mask Network launched MaskBook. It is a browser extension that empowers users to access decentralized applications without leaving their favourite social media platforms. This extension has garnered immense attention and acclaim. It brings the power of Web3 and blockchain technology to mainstream users in a user-friendly manner.

Mask Network has also made remarkable progress in integrating various blockchain networks and DeFi protocols. It has expanded its compatibility with prominent blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot. Consequently, it allows users to access various DeFi applications and services. By leveraging these integrations, Mask Network has facilitated seamless DeFi activities directly through social media platforms. Such activities include token swaps, staking, and yield farming.

Furthermore, Mask Network has continually improved its user experience and security features. It has implemented robust encryption protocols and decentralized storage solutions to safeguard user data and communications. By leveraging blockchain technology, Mask Network ensures that users have complete control over their data and interactions. This trait mitigates the risks associated with centralized social media platforms. Mask Network is the best crypto to buy now.

Mask Network

The statistics surrounding Mask Network reflect its growing prominence and influence in the crypto and blockchain space. The native cryptocurrency of the network, MASK, has significantly appreciated, reflecting the increasing demand and interest in the platform. The token’s market capitalization has also seen substantial growth, positioning it among the top cryptocurrencies in terms of market value. MASK has a market cap of $350 million, with 80,125,000 out of 100,000,000 MASK in supply.

Moreover, the user base of Mask Network has witnessed rapid expansion. More individuals recognize the benefits of leveraging Mask Network’s capabilities to enhance privacy and security while interacting on social media platforms. Integrating popular social media networks has played a crucial role in attracting new users. It offers a seamless transition and a familiar interface.

Additionally, the development community surrounding Mask Network has grown exponentially. Developers are increasingly contributing to the project, building new applications and functionalities that leverage the power of the network. This active ecosystem ensures a steady stream of innovations and improvements. Also, it further solidifies the position of Mask Network as a frontrunner in the decentralized social media landscape.

8. Chainlink (LINK)

A significant milestone for Chainlink was the launch of its Off-Chain Reporting (OCR) upgrade. OCR significantly enhances the scalability and efficiency of Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network. To achieve this, it enables off-chain computation and data aggregation before relaying to smart contracts. This upgrade ensures faster and more cost-effective data delivery, making Chainlink even more attractive for various DeFi applications.

Furthermore, Chainlink has been actively expanding its partnerships and collaborations across the blockchain ecosystem. One notable collaboration is with Polkadot, a multi-chain platform, to bring decentralized oracles to Polkadot’s ecosystem. This integration allows developers building on Polkadot to access reliable off-chain data through Chainlink’s oracle solutions. Therefore, it unlocks new possibilities for decentralized applications and smart contracts – making it the best crypto to buy now.

Chainlink has witnessed widespread integration across various DeFi protocols and platforms. Its oracle solutions have been utilized by major projects like Aave, Synthetix, and, to name a few. These integrations enable seamless interaction between on-chain smart contracts and off-chain data sources, facilitating a more robust DeFi ecosystem.

Additionally, Chainlink has made significant strides in expanding its oracle services beyond just financial data. The project has actively explored partnerships and collaborations in gaming, insurance, supply chain management, and more. Chainlink aims to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and real-world applications. It will accomplish this by providing secure and reliable data inputs to various industries.

From a statistical standpoint, Chainlink’s native cryptocurrency, LINK, has experienced remarkable growth. LINK has a market capitalization of over $3.3 billion, making it one of the top cryptocurrencies in market value. The token’s price has shown resilience and has experienced considerable upward momentum. This trend reflects the growing demand for Chainlink’s oracle solutions in the market. LINK is available on eToro.

9. Neo (NEO)

Neo, often called the “Chinese Ethereum,” is a blockchain platform that aims to digitize assets and create a smart economy. It has witnessed significant developments in recent times, solidifying its position as a leading player in the cryptocurrency space. Neo is the best crypto to buy now.

One of the most significant developments for Neo is the launch of Neo3. It is the project’s third iteration, bringing many improvements and enhancements to the platform. Neo3 focuses on providing faster transaction speeds, improved scalability, enhanced stability, and increased security. The upgrade includes an optimized dBFT consensus mechanism, which ensures a higher level of decentralization and efficiency. Additionally, Neo3 introduces support for native contracts. Hence, it enables developers to build smart contracts using popular programming languages like C# and Java, expanding the platform’s accessibility.

Neo has also made substantial strides in fostering its ecosystem and partnerships. It has collaborated with various global organizations and enterprises to drive the adoption of blockchain technology. Neo partnered with Microsoft China to establish the Microsoft Azure Neo Developer Center. The product promotes developing and deploying Neo-based applications on the Azure cloud platform. This partnership has created a favourable environment for developers and enterprises leveraging Neo’s capabilities.


The cryptocurrency has experienced a surge in popularity and market capitalization. Neo’s market cap is over $750 million, making it one of the largest cryptocurrencies globally. The project has seen a significant increase in trading volume, indicating heightened investor interest and trading activity. Furthermore, Neo has consistently maintained a spot in the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. This achievement reflects its strong market presence and investor confidence. These are attributes of the best crypto to buy now. NEO is listed on eToro.

Neo’s community and its developer base have also witnessed notable growth. The project boasts a comprehensive developer portal and documentation. These components make it easier for newcomers to get involved and build on the platform. The project has hosted numerous hackathons, workshops, and conferences, fostering collaboration and innovation within the Neo community.

To support the growth of its ecosystem, Neo has launched initiatives such as Neo Global Development (NGD). This measure provides funding, technical support, and mentorship to Neo-based projects. NGD actively supports the development of decentralized applications (dApps), infrastructure projects, and tooling enhancements.

10. Copium (COPIUM)

Copium has emerged as a recently launched meme coin that revolves around coping with missing out on meme coin opportunities. The project has swiftly garnered significant attention within the crypto community. It achieved an impressive volume of $45 million in the initial 24 hours and a market cap of $10 million.

After its launch on May 18, Copium experienced an astonishing surge of 1,000% within its initial three hours of trading. Etherscan data reveals that Copium already boasts an impressive base of 2,800+ holders. Moreover, the $COPIUM token witnessed a remarkable influx of more than 10,000 transactions within its first 24 hours. It generated a trading volume of nearly $45 million.


The Copium website exudes a distinct Web3 native vibe, indicating the anonymous team’s deep understanding of the community and its language. The generation of hype surrounding Copium can be attributed to its robust tokenomics and fair launch. With a maximum supply of merely 1 billion tokens, 30% were allocated to presale buyers. Only 0.69% were reserved for the developers.

Copium’s fair launch ensured that presale investors received only 10% of their tokens during the launch. This approach is unlike other projects where presale investors often offload their losses onto new buyers. They were also limited to a maximum purchase of 1 ETH. The remaining 90% of presale tokens will be gradually unlocked over three weeks. This decision will safeguard against the potential for an immediate pump-and-dump scenario.

Moreover, the Copium airdrop competition has garnered significant interest. This competition rewards the top 200 holders with the highest coin counts with an exclusive NFT and COPIUM tokens.

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