Solana and Algorand have been among the best eco-friendly cryptos on the marketplace for years. And while Solana can process more operations per second, Algora is a more long-term-oriented project. Moreover, staking Solana tokens is more profitable, but Algorand beats SOL in the terms of the carbon footprint.

And while both projects have terrific potential, the newest eco-friendly crypto launch has the potential to overgrow Solana and Algorand and pump faster in 2023.

Ecoterra, the newest Recycle 2 Earn crypto, only started its presale and has so far raised over $54k. This crypto project rewards users with tokens when they recycle or use renewable energy sources. In addition, Ecoterra connects product companies with recycling companies, encouraging the use of recycled materials.

Thanks to its revolutionary approach to the crypto market and recycling, Ecottera is already considered one of the best eco-friendly crypto launches of 2023.

The expectations from this crypto project are big since it will pump by over 150% before the first exchange listings.

Here is what you must know about Ecoterra. 

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What is Ecoterra?

The Ecoterra system has four components:

  • Recycle-2-Earn Application – With this app, users can scan and recycle their items and earn ECOTERRA tokens. Coins can be staked, held, or spent on ecological activities like cleanups, tree planting, and educational lessons on the Ecoterra platform. 
  • Carbon Offset Marketplace – The marketplace is where companies and individuals can offset their carbon. They receive NFTs once their actions contribute to a specific goal. 
  • Recycled Materials Marketplace – This is a place for product and recycling companies. On the marketplace, companies can buy recycled materials for everyday operations. Organizations use filters to search for materials and make payments directly on the platform using ECOTERRA tokens.
  • Impact Trackable profile – The profile is like an ‘online tracker’ that allows companies to share achievements and the impact they made. This brings them greater exposure, access to a broader audience, and valuable insights into the users and audience. 

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How does the system work?

Users have three ways of earning with Ecoterra:

  • Recycle with the Ecoterra app – users can scan the barcode of the recyclable product and receive rewards. They will receive crypto rewards but also fiat currency from the RVM. Moreover, users will be able to find the nearest RVM. You will get ECOTERRA tokens for each item you recycle and every time you recycle. There is no limit to the number of coins you can earn. 
  • Earn rewards when you use renewable sources of energy – In this case, all you have to do is to scan your electricity bill to earn ECOTERRA tokens.
  • Match your favorite products in the Ecoterra base – This project has a base where users can match accurate product types to brand, volume, weight, and material to earn tokens.

Users can invest in eco-friendly initiatives and plan trees, build solar and wind panels, fund educational programs or buy eco-friendly items for everyday use with the tokens they earn.

When it comes to the companies, Ecottera allows them to:

  • Share their impact on the Impact profile and position themselves as the leader in the fight against climate change. Organizations also create an image of an eco-friendly and sustainable brand.
  • Get valuable data on customers and their recycling habits. Each transaction is a source of data kept in the Al-powered database.
  • Connect with recycling companies worldwide and buy recycling materials. Organizations can browse and filter through the website or even request the materials they need for production. Every transaction is processed on the app and paid in ECOTERRA tokens.
  • Buy carbon offsets directly through the Ecoterra app. Carbon offsets are fully verified in partnership with VERA and other certified standards. 

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Ecoterra price prediction 2023 – 2030 

Ecoterra’s listing price will be $0.01, although experts think the coin can hit $0.03 by the end of 2023.

By 2025, Ecoterra could jump by over 1,775% and trade at around $0.075. By 2030, the price could jump to $0.6, or even $1, depending on the broader market.

Here are the possible highs and lows.


Lowest Price

Highest Price


$0.004 $0.03
2025 $0.045


2030 $0.23


Here are the factors that will influence the value of Ecoterra:

  • The success of the planned exchange listings 
  • Established partnerships and new launches in the ecosystem
  • The circumstances on the broader crypto market

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Why should you invest in Ecoterra?

According to many experts and crypto investors, Ecoterra is the best eco-friendly crypto to buy at the presale.


Here is why:

  • You get multiple earning options. Ecoterra users can earn rewards by recycling and using renewable energy resources. 
  • You are encouraged to support meaningful and actionable projects.
  • You get rewards every time you recycle, and there is no limit to what you can earn.
  • You get a token with utility. This ensures a high demand for the token long-term.
  • You invest in the up-and-coming market. Experts believe the voluntary offset market will be worth $700 million. 
  • You get many terrific features with the app that will change the crypto world.
  • Make the world greener and help speed up crypto adoption.
  • Achieve your sustainable goals.

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