Solana is one of the most mentioned blockchain platforms that was made with the intention of hosting decentralized apps. It has been present on the market for the last five years, and despite the promising future, it is far from an ideal position now. This year hasn’t been easy on any cryptocurrency, and Solana has undoubtedly suffered a hit. This is why we will go further into detail about its position on the market, but we will also provide information about D2T , $TARO , IMPT, and $RIA. These cryptos are now available at a discounted price on a presale, making them perfect for investing now!

How is Solana positioned now?

Solana was built by Solana Labs, and the number of transactions that it can support is admirable, mainly because the transaction fees are lower when compared to Ethereum. Last year was memorable for Solana because the value of its token SOL skyrocketed! Its value increased by 12,000%, putting it in the 5th position among all the other cryptocurrencies.

Solana uses the PoH concept (proof of work) for verifying the order and PoS (proof of stake) for enabling validators to verify the transactions. The architecture of Solana is directed toward demonstrating that blockchain, in combination with software algorithms, can help eliminate possible bottlenecks. The reason why Solana is so attractive to investors is that it is decentralized, secure, and scalable.

Despite all these benefits, when it comes to investing in the crypto market, making a profit is still the biggest benefit of all. If this requirement doesn’t get fulfilled, then the investors start losing interest which is noticeable here. The price of SOL started dropping last June, and the price dip was significant. There were some periods during the last three months when we could see a slight recovery, but that was fused with further price dips. If we look at the span of the last seven days, things look a little bit better, but it is still necessary to see some more prolonged period of stability in order to dive into investing in it now. This is why focusing on the cryptos on presale can be a far better option.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a platform that will help you analyze the crypto market and make better investment decisions. Given the constant launching of crypto projects, it is extremely valuable to have a platform where you can gain insights and help during your decision-making process. It is well-known how volatile the cryptocurrency market can be, so having a platform that provides all the information necessary to help investors improve their skills and make the most of investments is extremely valuable. The native token D2T is currently available for presale. Since more than half of the hard cap is raised, hurry up and get your D2T tokens so that you can use all the resources available on it!

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RobotEra ($TARO)

RobotEra is a metaverse platform that will surely attract players who are ready to dive into a world of robots. Everything occurs on the planet called Taro which was destroyed during the war. Now it is up to the player to rebuild this world and use all the resources to make progress. The robots can feel emotions and have their own thoughts, making them authentic pieces of art. They will be able to represent different ideologies, which adds another layer to this game. The $TARO tokens are the native tokens on the platform and are currently on presale, so make sure you get them now!

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It is now clear that global warming has serious consequences and that all of us have to take action to mitigate its effects. The IMPT platform was created with the goal of reducing carbon footprint. One carbon credit equals 1 ton of carbon dioxide. This platform can significantly contribute to the reduction of pollution and will act as a middleman between individuals and businesses with the same intention in mind. There is also the possibility to earn because it incorporates cryptocurrency, its native token IMPT. Currently, IMPT tokens are available on presale. The price per token will rise in the next stage, so now is the best time to invest!

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Calvaria ($RIA)

Calvaria is a platform where the players will enjoy exploring the afterlife inspired by the Mexican mythology theme. Since the platform is fused with blockchain technology, players will be able to take advantage of resources and other assets within the game entirely. These can later be stored or resold depending on the player’s preferences. NFT tokens will be used to interact with the game’s economy and game mechanics and will give their owners a competitive edge. $RIA is currently available for presale, and the total supply of these tokens will be 1 billion. Its success speaks volumes about its popularity, so you should act quickly if you want to access this platform. Since the presale will be over pretty soon, now is the time to jump in and make sure you will get a chance to play this exciting game!

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Despite the apparent advantages of Solana, its price is not ideal now, so investing in it wouldn’t provide the results you would like to see. On the other hand, investing in D2T can help you to make a significant improvement in your investment strategies and help you maximize your gains by utilizing all the exciting features it has. Diving in the metaverse will be easy with RobotEra and Calvaria, so you can use your skills to play and earn while investing in IMPT can give you peace of mind that you have done everything you can for the planet but also earn from it. Since these presales are progressing fast, investing now would be the best choice you can make!

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