During the last market bull run, cryptocurrency’s forerunner, Bitcoin, consumed massive electrical power. This consumption resulted from the use of the Proof-of-work protocol. As a result, many cryptocurrencies saw the need to switch to a more energy-efficient protocol.

thereum was foremost in switching to a more energy-efficient protocol (proof-of-stake), thereby reducing its power consumption by almost 100%. However, two significant cryptos, Solana and Cardano, have shown eco-friendly features even before the Ethereum merge.

This post examines these eco-friendly crypto projects, including Dash 2 Trade , Calvaria, IMPT, and RobotEra , as well as their features.

Solana Versus Cardano

Solana ($SOL) aimed to improve on the drawbacks of the Ethereum network. Its energy-efficient Proof-of-history was ground-breaking as it could process up to 50,000 Transactions per second against Ethereum’s 20 transactions per second. This transaction throughput made Solana more scalable than Ethereum.

On the other hand, Cardano employed a proof-of-stake mechanism that provided their users with the best secure and sustainable network. It operates a trustless and open-source ecosystem where Decentralized developers can develop their skills.

Solana and Cardano offer excellent features as they have evolved and improved their networks. Also, they use much less energy than other cryptos. They offer staking features where users can lock their $SOL and $ADA tokens and earn passive income.

Despite their price drawdowns in the current crypto winter, Solana and Cardano continue to dominate the market and support various decentralized applications. They are both among the top 20 cryptos by market capitalization, which makes them worthy investment targets before the next market uptrend.

Alternative Eco-friendly Crypto Projects for the Future

As mentioned earlier, Solana and Cardano offer enticing eco-friendly features. Yet, these five eco-friendly cryptos are poised to offer more revolutionary eco-friendly features to crypto users and investors:

1.    Dash 2 Trade ($D2T): A crypto analytics platform designed for crypto traders.

2.    Calvaria ($RIA): A blockchain platform featuring a P2E battle card game.

3.    IMPT.io ($IMPT): A new eco-friendly platform with a global green initiative.

4.    RobotEra ($TARO): A fascinating metaverse NFT game

5.    Ripple ($XRP): A digital solution for financial institutions

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a new blockchain platform that aims to provide exceptional trading tools for crypto traders. By implementing a dashboard, Dash 2 Trade ensures traders get the best crypto insights and on-chain data analytics to improve their trading journey.

Some of the features implemented on the dashboard include trading signals, a scoring system for crypto ICOs and Presales, Auto Trading APIs, market and social indicators, and many more. If users want access to this exquisite dashboard, they need to subscribe via the $D2T tokens.

Interestingly, $D2T tokens are available at the ongoing D2T presale event at $0.0513. This event will allow users and investors to enjoy premium access to the platform and investment opportunities. 

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Calvaria is a blockchain platform developing a play-to-earn NFT game titled Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. This game features playable NFT characters with abilities in the form of cards ready to be deployed on the battlefield.

Users can win through several battle strategies and earn crypto rewards for purchasing in-game resources, card upgrades, and power-ups. The Calvaria system will distribute rewards via $eRIA tokens (in-game asset) and $RIA tokens (native token).

The $eRIA tokens will be available upon the game launch. However, users and crypto investors can scoop RIA tokens on the Calvaria Platform to enjoy gaming and non-gaming features.

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IMPT.io is a revolutionary green blockchain platform that provides the best environmental sustainability program to reduce the global carbon footprint. Through the carbon offset program, IMPT.io will connect users and businesses to eco-friendly brands by engaging in their products and earning carbon credits.

Also, IMPT.io will feature thousands of environmental programs that users can purchase using the platform’s native token, $IMPT. After purchasing, they actively participate in the project and earn carbon credits. These carbon credits earned are part of the global initiative.

Users can trade their carbon credits on the featured IMPT marketplace for cash. They can also retire earned carbon credits (burn them, thus reducing the supply of carbon credits in the IMPT ecosystem) and receive collective NFTs from IMPT.io. 

The features of IMPT.io are pretty sustainable, and everyone, regardless of their crypto knowledge, can take part in reducing their carbon emissions. For users to benefit more from this eco-friendly platform, users can actively participate in its presale as $IMPT tokens are presently sold at $0.023. 

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RobotEra is another immersive metaverse game designed to enable users to explore and rebuild a virtual world called Taro. This metaverse game will enable users (in robot form) to own lands, accrue resources, create robot companions, and develop a tight-knit community within the game.

Users who actively engage in this metaverse world earn crypto rewards in $TARO and NFTs. These rewards are used to develop their lands and traded to make money. So, users can earn more resources as they strive to develop their lands and participate in events within the game.

The RobotEra platform is feature-rich, and users can participate in its ongoing presale to purchase $TARO tokens for use within its ecosystem.  

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Ripple is a digital payment system whose native currency is XRP. The financial exchange system utilized by Ripple is designed to act as an intermediary for transactions between two networks and is based on the real-world SWIFT banking system for international payments.

This unique platform is built on a consensus process of bank-owned servers that authenticate deals and transactions. It also fortifies the system’s integrity by preventing double-spending.

Packed with unique and green features, Ripple is among the coins that will become the future of cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts

Crypto users and investors should actively consider eco-friendly projects as they can offer impressive gains based on their use cases. Solana and Cardano offer excellent energy-efficient features that can revolutionize the blockchain industry.

However, it could take a considerable amount of time before they return to their previous highs and provide gains to their investors. Hence, crypto investors can consider investing early in alternative crypto projects offering immense gains. 

Early investment into their presale rounds would ensure great returns on investments. Take an active part now before they fully launch in the market.


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