The Parody Coin (PARO) is a new token that can be bought through its presale for a potential 10X gain in the near future. The PARO token is not just a quick pump, it can also be considered for the long term as it has strong use cases. You should never invest your entire capital in a single coin. This is good investment advice for budding cryptocurrency users. You should therefore balance your risk by adding more established projects like  Polygon (MATIC) and Solana (SOL). These are veteran coins and can potentially safeguard your portfolio. 

Parody Coin Listing

Parody Coin is a Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 token that will be used as a meme coin within the Parody ecosystem. The Parody ecosystem will consist of a Metaverse space and NFT marketplace. The primary purpose of the PARO coin is to allow users to trade and mint parody NFTs (popular parodies of mainstream NFTs). 


The PARO coin will enable users to pay for transfers within the ecosystem. Users can also transfer assets across a PARO-bridge since the token is intended to be cross-chain compatible. The PARO-Swap will be deployed as a dApp (decentralised application) on the ecosystem and will facilitate quick and easy transfer of assets on the PAROchain. Trades will be charged at 10%, with 5% of the tax being given away as rewards to holders of the Parody Coin. 


Users can gain additional income by staking their PARO tokens or earning reflections in other BEP-20 tokens. 

The tokenomics is explained below: 

Presale phase: 70% (split between two phases)

Organizational expenses: 7%

Marketing: 5%

Operational Expenses: 3%

Community rewards: 15%


The Parody Coin is a reward-generating coin and can be used to potentially gain healthy returns in the future. You could also simply choose to hold on to the coin and earn through reflections. 

Maple Finance adds support for Solana

Crypto loan provider, Maple Finance has announced plans to support Solana. This will bring more liquidity to the Solana ecosystem. Starting with a $45M pool, Maple finance plans to grow it into a $300M liquidity pool. This would enable the creation of substantial loans through the Solana blockchain as per the tweet. Many interesting projects have voiced support for the SOL token and its blockchain network.

The SOL token was trading at $100.61, up by 5% in a day, at the time of writing. The Solana coin has the greatest potential for a huge upside and should not be ignored by any investors. Adding it could provide an upper hand over other investors. 

Polygon burns 650,000 MATIC to reduce supply

After introducing a burn mechanism, Polygon  burnt 650,000 MATIC tokens and reduced it’s supply. This burn will help in creating green candles on the chart for the MATIC cryptocurrency. The Polygon ecosystem is also supporting projects that adopt its platform by issuing many grants. Such measures are bound to push for greater adoption for the Polygon network. The MATIC coin can be added for a great investment opportunity as it provides many benefits to project owners who seek to build on its network. With strong competition between different blockchains, the funding can go a long way in attracting developers to adopt a network. 


One strategy for investing is to buy the Parody Coin (PARO), Polygon (MATIC), and Solana (SOL) and keep adding quantities periodically to build a healthy and balanced cryptocurrency portfolio. Such a portfolio could provide you with substantial gains in the future. While Parody Coin provides a unique utility in the form of parody NFTs, Solana, and MATIC are also well established coins that should be considered if you’re looking for those 10X gains in the future. Any investment requires periodic adjustments so ensure you follow the projects to gain an insight into their future road maps. You can also follow the social media channels for receiving instant updates about Parody Coin. 




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