Crypto Gnomes is a unique NFT project that stands out from similar projects because of its advocacy to fight against bullying among school kids. Led by three founders aged between 8-13 years old. They are the youngest Australians to launch their own NFT.

This NFT project will have an army of 5000 Gnomes deployed on the Solana Blockchain. Everytime a Crypto Gnome is bought or traded, it helps the project team reach out to kids who are bullied or bullies, to stop them.

“[Buying a Crypto Gnome], one can take pride in helping children fight and survive bullying. It means you oppose all forms of bullying and have helped a child overcome the depression that can come with bullying,” says founder Rizul Gulati.

According to Gulati, Crypto Gnome’s goal is to educate people about bullying and to help kids grow mentally and physically strong.

“Crypto Gnomes will help stop bullying among school kids by reaching out and donating to NGOs that are actively fighting against bullying among children.”

Crypto Gnomes is still in the early stages of development, and the mint price has yet to be determined. Gulati stated that once they have a confirmed mint price, their team will make an announcement.

It was Rizul who came up with the idea of Gnomes. “Whenever we were bullied at school, our mothers used to say, ‘we are all treasure troves of hidden talent,’” says Gulati.

“We must guard our talents and not let other people’s opinions affect them. And so, to protect many other children and us from being bullied, we are deploying an army of crypto gnomes on the Solana blockchain,” he explains.

Crypto Gnomes’ is not just a charity project but also shares a vision to build a strong community and a strong DAO with a community wallet that can grow through investing in unanimously voted Solana projects.

Crypto Gnomes is renowned for its project team who are 13, 8 and 13 years young. Ekansh and Aryan are the co-founders of the project and could not be more grateful for their family and friends who support the cause.

“Misha, my mom is the artist behind it,” says Gulati. “She wasn’t sure she could do it, but our promise to stop eating junk food convinced her. I wanted our holders to take pride in the art they hold in their wallet, so I tried and tried until Mom was finally convinced.”

The Crypto Gnomes philosophy of altruistic advocacy has created a lot of buzz on the internet. They have attracted a lot of NFT and crypto enthusiasts, comprising an ever-growing community.

You can communicate with their project team via Twitter and Website.

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