Recently launched crypto-project Solar relies on community support to gain user approval while focusing on transparency and accountability.

Starting a business can be both rewarding and difficult. The crypto business is nothing different from the other businesses. However, the longevity of the crypto business is a matter of consideration for business owners. Several crypto projects got launched regularly. A new crypto project that was launched recently is Solar. This is a US-based Solana Defi exchange that helps users to trade their tokens on the Solana network. The contracts lock liquidity at a minimum of three months.

CEO of Solar, Richard has been working in the crypto-currency business for the past five years. He has been working as an investor. Apart from Solar, he has also launched his NFT collection and working in Cyber-Security as well. His expectations as an investor in crypto-business are what he has implemented while starting Solar.

Solana had a price of $240 per coin when it was launched. It decreased to $180 when Solar was launched. The day Solar was launched Solana had a DDOS attack. Other crypto projects would surely have been impacted by these attacks. But that was not the case with Solar.

While talking to the media, Richard, CEO of Solar said, “We have been gaining the attention, and the upswing that is happening is because we have the best community. It is supportive of the decisions of the leader and has been positive towards one another. They love the transparency, regular updates, and implementation of their feedback. We want to build the future of crypto as a community”.

Solar and its community have been fast gaining the attention of the Solana ecosystem. In three months, they have tripled their market capital.

The beta DEX launch is a couple of weeks away.

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About Solar:

Crypto project Solar is a US-based Solana Defi exchange that helps users to trade their tokens on the Solana network. It relies heavily on its community for reaching out to users.

About Richard

CEO of Solar, Richard has been working as an investor in the crypto business. He used his expectations as an investor when he started Solar. 

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