The prominent Ethereum-based Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has significantly performed in the NFT space. A recent rating saw BAYC as the top NFT in total sales.

However, three Solana collections lined the ladder to be among the top 5 NFTs. Meanwhile, other Ethereum-based collections are not left out at the chart’s top.

BAYC Made The Largest Sales

Data from CryptoSlam disclosed the trend within the NFT market section on Tuesday, April 2. According to the data, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) took the top position in the ranking of NFTs.

BAYC sales saw an 80.81% increase within 24 hours, pushing the sales value to $1.76 million. Through Tuesday’s sales, BAYC’s all-time sales amounted to $3.11 billion. This represented the second-largest sales volume in the NFT space, as noted by CryptoSlam’s data.

Further, the massive sales activity kept BAYC in its position as the second-largest NFT collection in terms of sales ranking. However, BAYC slipped from its top position at 12:07 PM EST on April 3. The sales plummeted by over 54% to $750,718, reaching the seventh position. 

Also, there’s a 67.50% decrease in the number of transactions.

Solana Collections Dominates The Top 10 Charts

Some Solana-based collections have also shown outstanding trends emerging among the top 10 NFT lists.  According to Tuesday’s charts showing the top 10 NFTs, four Solana-based collections made the list.

Mad Lads, a Solana collection by wallet and exchange Backpack, took second place. The collection saw a 62.57% sales increase, taking its volume to $1.4 million.

Similarly, Tensorians, another Solana-based collection by the blockchain’s Tensor, emerged in the third position. The NFT’s sales increased by 229% to reach $1.24 million volume. 

Moreover, on Tuesday, Tensor announced the kick-off of its Season 4 event. Through the move, the platform enables participants to receive rewards through listing, bidding, and market-making.

A newly launched Solana-based collection, Retardio Cousins, took fourth in the NFT ranking. The collection posted a total sale of $1.07 million as of Tuesday, April 2.

After Solana NFTs, the popular Ethereum-based Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) reached the seventh spot on the list. It recorded a 109.65% increase in its sales, which amounted to $728,147. Also, its number of transactions surged by 139.47% for the day.

Meanwhile, as of 12:10 PM EST today, April 3, a Bitcoin-based collection tagged “Uncategorized” has taken the lead in the NFT chart. The collection’s sales surged by 0.37% to reach $2.70 million. 

Additionally, Bitcoin takes the lead in ranking NFT sales volume by blockchain. It maintains a sales volume of $7.96 million, though the sales have dipped by 5.39% over the past day.

Remarkably, Ethereum occupies the second position in the blockchain NFT list with a total sale of $7.89 million. However, its sales declined by 16.81%.

The third position goes to Solana, with a cumulative sale of $7.45 million. The sales volume shows a gain of 2.83% within the past 24 hours.

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