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The allocation of funds across crypto assets this season is quite fascinating. Most institutional investors push their funds towards Bitcoin, while funds from retail investors and traders drive the explosive price increase among altcoins. The disparity in choice resulted in an upbeat price performance of cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, the most essential factor to note in this bull market is the emerging narratives. One of the growing narratives that will influence the future trend in the crypto market is the DePIN sector. The prospect of blockchain-based decentralized physical infrastructure technology in the entire industry is enormous.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 

Presently, investors are hedging their bets on DePIN projects and crypto assets with the hopes they become the next big thing in the crypto ecosystem. For instance, the 5th Scape is a more recent noteworthy project.  It focuses on revolutionizing how the world interacts with and uses VR tech, and this post explores what it brings to the evolving blockchain universe.

1. Dogecoin (DOGE) 

Dogecoin headlined the previous bull market with a performance that surprised crypto investors. In a surprising spree, the asset’s price moved from $0.004 to as high as $0.73 in less than 180 days. The talk of its previous performance still lingers among crypto traders as it created several instant crypto millionaires.

Surprisingly, Dogecoin might be gearing up for another outstanding run in this cycle as it recorded a significant price surge today. In the last 24 hours, the token recorded over 10% gains. It also saw a growing trading volume that confirms an increasing investor interest in the asset. As of the time of writing, the volume of DOGE changing hands in the market is over $4.6 billion, 68% higher than yesterday.

DOGE Price Chart

Despite a protracted decline in activities across the network, it’s thrilling to watch DOGE return to its glory days. To provide context, the only significant announcement the Dogecoin team and community has made recently is the upgrade it made to its wallet. Hence, the price gains are an impressive milestone for Dogecoin holders, especially in the bull market.

Generally, DOGE’s value pump is not a coincidence as it is fueled mainly by the recent news that DOGE holders may soon have the chance to purchase a Tesla with the token. The information appeared on the official Twitter handle of Elon Musk and across trusted news outlets yesterday.

However, it’s not the first time Elon has hinted at accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment for Tesla. Thus, the news has sparked an interest in the coin and dialogue about the initiative’s sustainability. If Tesla follows the plan, DOGE can become one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode in the short and long run.

2. Jupiter (JUP) 

Jupiter is gaining momentum again, and its social mentions have increased in the last seven days. With such visibility, JUP may break its all-time high value in this market cycle. According to its market data, it only needs 54% more gains to reach above the $2 mark, and the current push from the bulls might get it there this quarter.

In the last 24 hours, JUP had a 6% price increase, putting its new price at over 104% higher than its all-time low. Data from its charts also shows that the token’s trading volume is up by over 40%, reflecting a fresh round of investor interest in the asset.

JUP Price Chart

At the moment, it’s hard to tell if JUP will become the next cryptocurrency to explode, given the choppy trend across the crypto market. Notwithstanding,  data from its chart shows that JUP is eyeing a higher upside based on its recent breakout from its sideways trend.

JUP’s price action is primarily fueled by the recent improvement to its exchange services. The Value-average update allows users to balance their portfolio growth without hassle. It also aims to improve users’ experience and ensure the Jupiter Exchange works more efficiently.

The overall increase in user base and improved platform performance would likely translate to the inflow of funds and demand for the JUP token. Ultimately, JUP would arrive at the $2 mark before the end of the year, but it might take more effort from the JUP bulls to get it there.

3. 5th Scape (5SCAPE)

Virtual Reality is the new wonder of the internet; surprisingly, we have not seen the end of it yet. A new wave of innovation is blowing through the VR industry, and the blend of AI and blockchain into the tech is already changing how virtual reality is done. More importantly, the future of VR tech will depend mainly on the success of the Web3 metaverse, primarily driven by blockchain technology.

In that case, the crypto community should not underestimate innovative projects like the 5th Scape. These are emerging platforms that will form the backbone of the movement. It is an Etherum-based platform that brings a new touch to VR users’ experience.  The project established itself as the first blockchain-based VR network worldwide. It has established itself as a connected virtual world where users can access futuristic games, visuals, entertainment, etc.

One of the team’s and the ecosystem’s core focuses is to ensure that the 5th Scape integrates well with existing VR technologies. Thus, ongoing work is underway to establish partnerships and initiate cross-platform operability. Investors can find the project’s technical details on its presale page. It also shares details of the exciting and entertaining content and games users can look forward to. Moreover, there are plans to invest in hardware to offset the platform’s dependency on third-party tech.

Ultimately, the crypto community will witness a blend of the major web3 technologies: Futuristic hardware, AI, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. The 5SCAPE is still available on presale, and interested investors can visit the presale page to leverage the emerging tech ahead of its listing.

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4. Solana (SOL) 

Solana is fast becoming the chain of choice for most crypto projects, particularly the memecoin. Ethereum was central to the previous memecoin season, but the current meme culture is built mainly within the Solana ecosystem. Since the start of the bull market, the total gains of the Solana amount to over 650%, and tokens built on the chain have printed several millionaires.

Investors might have to brace for more gains as the token pushes toward its ATH values. As of the time of writing, SOL has a value of $165, about 36% lower than its all-time high value. With the growing interest in the token, there’s a chance that it might cross the $260 value before the end of the quarter.

SOL Price Chart

Furthermore, the data from its chart shows a consistent increase in SOL trading volume in the past seven days. The trend, coupled with the sudden breakout, suggests that it just completed a period of accumulation. That means the current trend might exceed the $160 range. Evidently, it touched the $172 value today before retracing to its current price.

On the other hand, investors might have to watch out for the $170 – $180 range as the price might shop around for a while in those regions before returning to the push above. Interestingly, there is less resistance along the way up to alter the SOL’s progress. Hence, it might become one of the major cryptocurrencies that explode in this bull market.

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