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Propelled by a substantial airdrop, strong marketing efforts, and a growing community, Smog coin is gaining momentum in Solana’s meme coin community, with its price surging to $0.28.

Supporters are optimistic, citing limited supply and upcoming exchange listings as potential catalysts for further gains, leading to speculation about whether Smog coin is poised to become the next big thing on Solana.

Could now be the right time to buy Smog?

Smog coin is currently making significant waves in the Solana ecosystem, as evidenced by its remarkable price surge from $0.028501 to the current range of $0.28 to $0.29.

This impressive growth, often described as parabolic, underscores the coin’s potential for substantial returns, with some estimating a staggering 36x increase.

The coin’s monumental rise has attracted attention from crypto enthusiasts and influencers, solidifying its reputation as a potential leader among Solana meme coins. Positioning itself as a significant player in the crypto space, Smog token is backed by what their website claims is the mighty Smog reigning over the crypto battlefield.

This support, combined with a growing community and endorsements from various influencers, contributes to its prominence. Notably, Smog coin has garnered widespread recognition, earning features on reputable platforms such as CoinDesk, Bitcoinist, Cryptonews, NewsBTC, and more.

This recognition reflects Smog coin’s significant impact within the crypto community and is further underscored by frequent discussions among crypto experts on their YouTube channels. These discussions involve sharing updates and investment journeys related to Smog coin, reaching hundreds of thousands of followers.

Examining the tokenomics reveals a strategic allocation designed to fuel the coin’s growth. Notably, 50% is dedicated to marketing, highlighting its crucial role in driving the coin’s recent surge.

Additionally, a substantial 35% has been earmarked for a forthcoming airdrop, creating anticipation for a massive distribution to Smog token holders. The remaining 5% is allocated to Dex liquidity, while 10% is dedicated to centralized exchange liquidity.

This transparent breakdown showcases Smog coin’s deliberate and well-balanced approach to various aspects, contributing to its current market momentum. If you’re keen on discovering memecoins with the highest potential, our guide here provides valuable insights to help you.

Smog (SMOG) price analysis

Now, the intriguing aspect of Smog lies in its absence from any centralized exchange, despite boasting a market cap of $214 million. Notably, its 24-hour trading volume stands at $3.97 million, with over 66,000 holders, marking a remarkable 442% surge in recent days.

This surge demands attention, especially amidst what appears to be a bullish market trend. Observing their X account reveals boasting figures of over 37,000 followers and 60,000 holders, maintaining an active presence and garnering significant engagement.

Currently, the coin seems to be consolidating after a period of rapid growth, as evident in the 15-minute timeframe. Analyzing the stochastic RSI indicates oversold conditions, historically preceding substantial upward movements.


Smog Price Analysis Graph

Smog coin is presently trading at $0.2879, with analysts closely observing pivotal support and resistance levels. These levels currently stand at $0.142626, $0.199605, and $0.235261 for support, while resistance is at $0.420529, $0.384874, and $0.327895.

Monitoring these levels aids in assessing Smog coin’s future trajectory. A breakout beyond $0.30 could signify a noteworthy development. Check the project’s website for more details here.

Smog (SMOG) price prediction

Anticipation is building within the crypto community for a breakout above the current $0.28 price of Smog coin, with expectations of a significant uptrend in the coming hours.

Based on current forecasts, there is an expectation that $SMOG could experience a substantial 30.85% increase, reaching $0.361398 by March 15, 2024. Additionally, some projections suggest the possibility of reaching $1 by the end of March.

Going beyond its status as the next big meme coin on Solana, Smog coin also extends its reach to Ethereum, albeit on a smaller scale. Despite its presence on Ethereum, the coin’s market cap remains modest at $10 million.

The decision to opt for Solana over Ethereum may be influenced by the high transaction fees on the Ethereum network, despite Ethereum currently boasting a deeper liquidity pool with 6.43 million tokens.

This limited presence on both platforms, especially on Ethereum, suggests a potential supply shock in the future, potentially leading to an upward trajectory in price.

With a substantial holder count exceeding 60,000 and a total supply of 1.4 billion tokens, in the scenario of full circulation, Smog coin could potentially achieve a market cap of over $400 million.

As the week progresses, the recent surge in new members within the Smog community could fuel a fresh uptrend for the token, sparking excitement within the broader crypto community.

To become a part of this exciting new project, purchase $SMOG tokens here.


Smog (SMOG) – Newest Crypto Launch

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Smog token

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