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A new cryptocurrency called Pandoshi (PAMBO) has recently caught the attention of crypto whales. Pandoshi aims to be a leader in decentralized finance and provide affordable blockchain infrastructure like the popular layer-1 blockchain Solana. 

Cryptocurrencies have seen immense growth over the last few years. Innovative projects like Solana that solve blockchain trilemma issues like scalability have especially drawn significant interest. As the crypto market expands, new promising projects like Pandoshi emerge that aim to push blockchain technology further. 

Pandoshi Meme Coin and its Innovative DeFi Utility

Pandoshi brands itself as a manifesto championing privacy, decentralization, and financial freedom. The goal is to build an ecosystem of decentralized products that enable frictionless decentralized finance operations. Pandoshi seeks to enable users to participate in DeFi easily.  

At the core of Pandoshi’s ecosystem is the PandaChain layer-2 blockchain, PandoshiSwap decentralized exchange, and the newly launched Pandoshi Wallet. Pandoshi also aims to launch crypto debit cards collectively called Cardoshi, allowing users to spend crypto anywhere.


Similar to Solana, Pandoshi wants to solve the blockchain trilemma of achieving decentralization, security, and scalability simultaneously through innovations like its PolyBFT consensus mechanism. PandaChain uses Ethereum’s ERC token standards, allowing decentralized apps from Ethereum to easily migrate over while benefiting from faster and cheaper transactions.

Zero-knowledge rollups on PandaChain called zkEVM will give users privacy features, allowing anonymous transactions. This technique is similar to what privacy-focused blockchains like Zcash use.


PandoshiSwap utilizes PandaChain’s high throughput and cheap gas fees to offer a fast and affordable decentralized exchange. The platform will support standard features like staking. A portion of the fees collected by the platform will go towards buying and burning the native PAMBO token, making it deflationary.

Pandoshi Wallet

The non-custodial Pandoshi Wallet recently launched on Google Play for Android users. The team is currently working on an iOS integration to be released in the upcoming weeks. The wallet allows users to store crypto as well as interact with dApps in the Pandoshi ecosystem.  Launching the wallet way before the schedule indicates the team’s commitment.

Solana Comparison

Solana has undoubtedly been one of the best-performing layer-1 blockchains, with fast transactions, low fees, and the ability to support demanding apps. In the past year, the SOL price has increased by over 300% as the network continues rapid growth.

Unique crypto projects need long-term vision and the ability to cultivate a thriving ecosystem around their blockchain. Solana, with over $169 million in funding and 400 projects, has become one of the biggest DeFi ecosystems.


Innovative cryptocurrencies draw significant interest, especially as market uncertainty rises. Investor demand for the next hidden gem continues to grow. Accessible and scalable blockchain networks like Solana and Pandoshi that focus on usability can successfully capture this expanding market.

As Pandoshi’s token launch and later mainnet launch approach, early investor interest is indicated by the fast sellout of its ongoing presale. The presale is currently in the final stage and filling up fast.  

Crypto whales seem to be stocking up while the price remains affordable at $0.01. If Pandoshi can emulate a fraction of the growth Solana achieved, the PAMBO coin has immense upside potential ahead.

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