The Solana Saga crypto phone’s surprising sellout and other Web3 updates:

Crypto wallet company Ledger’s Connect Kit software was compromised to insert a wallet drainer. Ledger’s CEO blamed a phishing attack on an ex-employee without explaining how their account still had access.

Even though the Solana Saga crypto phone flopped, selling only 2,500 units, it suddenly sold out in the US on Thursday. The Block reports each phone comes with 30 million “bonk” tokens. Their price has spiked to $0.000028 each, which adds up to more than the phone’s $599 price — assuming you can get the phone and sell them in time.

And Web3 is Going Just Great points out that a blockchain-linked online chess platform, The Immortal Game, has dropped NFT and play-to-earn features after finding out “that by offering large amounts of cash with no limit barrier to entry, we encouraged heavy cheating on the platform and degraded the user experience for our legitimate player base.”

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