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In a recent episode of the Bankless podcast, analysts David Hoffman and Ryan Adams discussed Solana’s (SOL) attributes, such as its speed and low fees, and how these might compare to Ethereum’s (ETH).

While both networks have potential, the Bankless experts pointed to SOL’s price performance relative to ETH, suggesting it could be one factor to consider for investors looking to choose between the two.

Meanwhile, some investors are looking towards a brand-new altcoin called Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) that could outpace Solana and Ethereum in the coming year.

Bankless podcast explores Solana’s potential to outpace Ethereum

In a Bankless episode from November 9, co-hosts David and Ryan explored the recent discourse around Solana versus Ethereum.

While David and Ryan discussed various aspects of both blockchains, they highlighted certain features of Solana that might appeal to some investors.

For example, David notes that Solana has “captured a narrative moment” with its recent price run-up and mentions the blockchain has attracted a specific type of developer that Ethereum likely couldn’t.

Ryan also observes that Solana occupies a unique design space no other blockchain can fill. 

Later, the hosts make reference to Chris Burniske, former head of crypto research at ARK Invest. 

Burniske tweeted a price chart for the SOL/ETH trading pair on August 31, showing SOL strength.

Alongside the price chart, Burniske also set a much higher price target for the pair, suggesting that he believes Solana will outperform Ethereum soon.

Burniske’s prediction has come true, with the SOL/ETH pair now sitting at 0.029 ETH – 148% higher than when he posted.

Ultimately, the optimistic views of the Bankless hosts and Chris Burniske hint that Solana has a chance at outpacing Ethereum in the weeks ahead.

SOL vs. ETH – Key differences in the race for supremacy

Building off the optimistic sentiment towards Solana’s potential, investors often point to some critical differences between the two networks that set them apart.

Solana prioritizes speed and throughput over anything else, using a unique “proof-of-history” mechanism that enables much faster validation times.

For example, Solana can currently process over 3,900 transactions per second.

In contrast, Ethereum is far slower, processing 29 transactions per second.

As such, Solana’s focus on speed attracts developers looking to build high-throughput applications. 

However, some experts point out that Ethereum’s longer history may contribute to its decentralization and security.

Ethereum also has a well-established developer ecosystem, with the most developers building out of any blockchain.

Both blockchains have their merits, but the positive comments from experts like Chris Burniske suggest there’s potential for Solana to overtake Ethereum next year.

New Bitcoin ETF Token presale looks to benefit from spot BTC ETF buzz

As Solana and Ethereum battle it out for supremacy, there’s a new project that some speculate could outperform both – Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF)

Still in its presale phase, Bitcoin ETF Token is an ERC-20 token that aims to capitalize on the buzz around spot Bitcoin ETF approval in the US.

The project has a deflationary model, with plans to burn 25% of the total supply based on certain ETF adoption milestones.


According to the project’s whitepaper, Bitcoin ETF Token also taxes sellers to enhance the total burning amount, adding to the deflationary effects.

As more supply gets burned, the remaining tokens could grow in value – assuming demand also increases.

Moreover, with the first spot BTC ETF being close to approval after years of delays, a new Bitcoin ETF Token launch will be right on time.

Crypto influencers like Austin Hilton are already covering the presale, and the project is gathering more attention and gearing up for its market debut.

Considering the widespread excitement around a spot BTC ETF, there’s a belief the project could benefit from this wave of interest – positioning it for growth beyond what Solana and Ethereum could see.

Although there’s no way of telling whether Bitcoin ETF Token will live up to its hype or produce higher returns than SOL or ETH, the community keeps the optimist high, highlighting that the token can surprise many people if executed correctly.

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