Investors are quickly discouraged when a cryptocurrency on the decentralized cryptocurrency list loses its trajectory, as has happened with Solana (SOL).

The project has maintained a bullish trend for the past month but is now experiencing a negative turn. FTX Derivatives Exchange declared bankruptcy late last year and has begun selling off its Solana holdings. Many investors wonder whether the token will pull back and turn downward.

To remain safe, retail investors have turned to InQubeta (QUBE), a rising AI cryptocurrency with the potential to transform their portfolios with immense returns. The project propels the growth of the AI industry by making provisions for fractionated investments in AI tech startups set up on the blockchain. These investments are minted into trending NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and traded on the platform’s NFT marketplace. This article explores InQubeta’s rise as the go-to investment option for retail investors while delving into Solana’s path to discover the possibilities of a pullback.

InQubeta (QUBE): Crowdfunding On The Blockchain

InQubeta has been on an upward trend since it first launched its presale, attracting investors with its low entry price and impressive features. The blockchain ICO has recorded the sale of over 495 million QUBE tokens, raising over $4.8 million. Retail investors are currently acquiring tokens in its fifth stage, aiming to earn substantial returns when the tokens are listed. With a DeFi coin price of $0.0161, QUBE has the potential to rise by almost 100% when it lists at a proposed price of $0.0308. 

The current stage of the presale has nearly sold out, with only about 20% left to be purchased. Upon completion, the project would enter the sixth stage and sell at a DeFi coin price of $0.01925 apiece. Holders can further stake their tokens in a protocol that rewards them with a percentage of pooled buy-and-sell tax funds. InQubeta adds more functionality to its platform, making it user-centric by giving holders governance rights. They can vote on projects and decisions to propel the token to greater heights on the decentralized cryptocurrency list.

This blockchain ICO stands out with features that showcase the power of decentralized finance. Holders can invest regardless of their budgets because investment options are minted into fractionated smart contracts. This revolutionary approach also favors the AI industry, allowing startups to grow and realize their missions through crowdfunding. Investors get rewarded with added utility as these startups begin to grow and turn a profit. The trending NFTs can be traded in the marketplace, allowing investors to shift their focus to other startups as they please.

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Solana (SOL): Rising Amid Liquidation

Solana is one of the fastest-growing crypto coins, with a market capitalization of over $22 billion, putting it in seventh place on the decentralized cryptocurrency list. Over the past month, this open-source DeFi project has witnessed an impressive growth trajectory, rising by over 170%, according to on-chain analysis. This incredible path has ground to a halt with a predicted pullback as the bankrupt FTX Exchange sells off its SOL holdings.

The exchange transferred 250,000 Solana tokens worth nearly $14 million to Kraken. This sudden move caused a dip in the token’s market value, causing it to fall by about 8%. Investors are skeptical about the possibility of a significant downturn in the token’s bullish trend, and there is still hope that it will recover. According to on-chain analysis from Lookonchain, FTX’s Solana liquidity has stopped, with about 3,408 SOL left, worth only around $185,000.


Volatility is not news in the crypto industry, and investors are wisely making decisions around this factor. Retail investors are flocking to InQubeta’s presale as they recognize this blockchain ICO as the go-to for diversifying their portfolios and claiming a significant return on investment (ROI). SOL holders also expect a more favorable analysis as FTX sell-offs round up. These top crypto coins represent the ever-changing dynamics of the crypto market. Investors who purchase QUBE quickly before the fifth stage runs out will improve their ROI potential upon launch.

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