In 2020, I made a big call…

I said that one crypto would come in second place behind Ethereum (ETH).

That’s huge. Ethereum is a Layer 1 crypto — the building blocks for DeFi and decentralized physical infrastructure.

And today, we’re one step closer to that reality.

Even though it’s less than one-tenth the size of Ethereum’s market cap … it could be 10 times faster than Ethereum in the next year!

This crypto is Solana (SOL).

SOL’s market price hit new lows after FTX crumbled, trading under $20.

But it’s climbed back up over 90% in the last month alone, trading around $47.


Well, Andrew Prince — my right-hand crypto analyst — is joining us to answer that today.

He’ll help explain why SOL’s $16 billion market cap could give ETH’s $228 billion a run for its money…


(Or read the transcript here.)


🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: The latest jobs report is in! It points to a slowdown for the U.S. economy. Could it also mean the end of the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes (like I’ve been predicting)? [1:45]
  • Mega Trend: “Digitalization” is affecting the entire energy sector — especially the U.S. power grid. From solar panels to battery storage, find out more about the “vehicle-to-grid” devices that are supporting power plants. [8:45]
  • Investing Opportunity #1: Want to invest in the tech that’s innovating our power grid? Consider buying shares of this exchange-traded fund. [11:50]
  • Investing Opportunity #2: Subscribers of Strategic Fortunes can buy into five energy and EV-related stocks in our model portfolio. [12:35]
  • Crypto Corner: Breaking news on Solana! Andrew joins us to share his insights. [16:45] Looking for ways to invest? Check out my special presentation here!

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