Everlodge, a new player in the crypto sphere, has successfully drawn the attention of prominent Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) investors during its presale phase. This early interest from substantial market participants is a testament to Everlodge’s potential and the growing appeal of its ecosystem. Let’s take a closer look.

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Everlodge (ELDG): The $280 Trillion Global Real Estate Landscape

By sidestepping traditional hindrances such as nationality, origin, and credit reviews, Everlodge redefines how we approach real estate accessibility through its decentralized NFT marketplace for properties.

Using NFTs to denote fractional stakes in luxury real estate, Everlodge enables a broader range of investors to dive into tangible assets. Just $100 can be a starting point for investment in some of the world’s hottest properties and destinations.

The ongoing presale success of Everlodge, selling over 85 million tokens, highlights its potential to become the go-to platform for digital property investments. Momentum is building as Ethereum and Solana’s whales have already acquired a sizable percentage of the available tokens.

Given that the global real estate market currently stands at a whopping $280 trillion, Everlodge stands to benefit from the broader acceptance of blockchain technology and NFTs. If it manages to capture just 0.1% of this market, it would be worth over $280 billion!

This potential has already drawn the attention of Ethereum and Solana whales, who are no strangers to lucrative investments. With this early success and their support, Everlodge is poised for even more growth in the near future.

The spotlight is now firmly on Everlodge, as market pundits foresee the current ELDG presale price of $0.018 surging by a staggering 30x once the platform rolls out in full swing next year.

How Ethereum (ETH) Whales Find Promise in Ethereum (ELDG)’s Premise

Ethereum is dominant in the DeFi sector, with a remarkable Total Value Locked (TVL) surpassing $21 billion across multiple protocols. Its pioneering status and comprehensive suite of developer tools drive its successful trajectory in the industry.

Institutional investors continue to be drawn to Ethereum, acknowledging it as the industry benchmark for creating smart contracts. Furthermore, there is speculation regarding the potential launch of a Blackrock Ethereum-focused ETF in the market. This would open Ethereum to a much larger investor base and potentially deliver exponential gains.

On the pricing front, Ethereum is grappling with the formidable barrier in the $2,000 to $2,100 range. Recently, it buckled under pressure, severing its ascending trajectory and plummeting by 14% within a solitary day.

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This negative momentum is exacerbated by a notable downturn in network engagement and looming apprehensions of substantial sell-offs, casting a pall over Ethereum’s future prospects. This grim narrative is further corroborated by a stark contraction in Ethereum’s TVL, which has nosedived by a whopping 50% since its peak in mid-April.

It’s interesting to note that Ethereum whales are reminiscing about the platform’s early appeal in 2017 and are now seeing similar potential in the growing Everlodge project. This newfound interest, combined with the enticing incentives offered in Everlodge’s ongoing presale, attracts a section of Ethereum traders to explore Everlodge.

A Dive into Solana (SOL)’s Price Movements and Key Resistance Levels

Solana’s prominence in the crypto universe is hard to ignore. Its superior technical infrastructure and blazing transaction speeds have established it as a formidable force. A testament to this prowess is the dramatic surge in Solana’s TVL, registering an uptick of 50% since the year’s commencement and settling at a commendable $308 million.

Solana is becoming an important player in the DeFi 2.0 space, which requires high levels of throughput and scalability. Solana’s transaction metrics reflect this demand, increasing from 20 million to 300 million by the end of August. This makes Solana a valuable ally for the DeFi 2.0 ecosystem.

Nevertheless, the platform’s token hasn’t been immune to volatility. Solana’s price trajectory encountered turbulence at the $32 resistance, culminating in a sharp pullback to its valuation of $18.95. This amounts to a significant 40% contraction in a mere two months.

Solana failed to break above the $32 resistance level despite bullish market conditions. As a result, several Solana whales are now eyeing the upcoming Everlodge presale. They are attracted by the chance to purchase tokens at a discounted price ahead of the platform’s much-anticipated launch later this year.

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Website: https://www.everlodge.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/everlodge

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