Step into the vibrant world of the cryptocurrency industry, where groundbreaking developments captivate the senses. Solana’s (SOL) integration with OpenAI, Avalanche’s (AVAX) pioneering partnership with PBA, and the thrilling referral program of Caged Beasts (BEAST) have set the stage for an electrifying adventure.
Prepare to be dazzled by innovation, inspired by collaboration, and propelled into a realm where imagination meets reality. Keep reading!

An epic fusion of cutting-edge tech has recently amazed the crypto-sphere as the Solana Foundation unleashes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) into its blockchain with its new ChatGPT plugin. Developed by the genius minds at Solana Labs, this open-source plugin is available on GitHub.
Users of this new development get to enjoy AI’s straightforward explanation regarding Solana’s data and protocols. It also gives someone the inside scoop on its computing infrastructure and DeFi projects. Users can even navigate NFT purchases, token transfers, transaction inspections, and even explore NFT collections based on floor prices.
To further explore the intersection of Solana and AI, the foundation has increased its grants fund to $10 million and launched an accelerator program for university students. Besides that, the mind-blowing AI Trainers from Hivemapper, have turned real-world images into insanely detailed digital maps within the Solana ecosystem!
Crypto News: Solana x OpenAI, Caged Beasts' 20% Bonus, Avalanche Partners With PBA
Avalanche and the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) have joined forces in an unexpected and groundbreaking partnership. Picture this: crypto and sports coming together to create something truly unique. The PBA will mint NFTs of bowlers’ achievements on Avalanche, adding a touch of digital magic to the world of bowling.
These special NFTs, known as the League of Bowler Certification (LBC) Awards, will be distributed to more than 300,000 participants in various leagues. Unlike traditional collectible NFTs, these awards are SoulBound tokens, meaning they cannot be traded or sold. They hold a special place of honor and represent the bowlers’ incredible achievements.
To ensure smooth operations and avoid any hiccups, the PBA will utilize an Avalanche Subnet, a dedicated network within Avalanche, to handle the distribution of these digital rewards. This clever move protects the integrity of the bowlers’ tokens and ensures a seamless experience for all participants.
Crypto News: Solana x OpenAI, Caged Beasts' 20% Bonus, Avalanche Partners With PBA

Caged Beasts is a fairly new yet fast-rising Ethereum-based meme token, proud of its innovative concept called, “Caged Liquidity.” This essentially puts the spotlight on decentralization to ensure security for its users.
Caged Beasts also places utmost importance on secure fund locking, radical transparency, and forging a distinct identity. An impressive 75% of raised funds are diligently safeguarded until the designated release date, fostering an environment of control and unwavering security within the ecosystem.
Beyond security, Caged Beasts knows how to keep the excitement soaring with its stellar crypto referral programs, where everyone comes out on top! Much like any crypto referral programs, BEAST’s users can create their exclusive referral code, inviting others to join the pack. When someone uses these specially created codes, the makers themselves instantly receive a generous 20% bonus of their deposit (ETH, BNB, or USDT) straight into their wallet.
Additionally, the investor who uses the code receives an irresistible treat of 20% extra BEAST tokens! Truly, it’s a win-win situation that adds a thrilling twist to the crypto journey, making Caged Beasts an exhilarating and rewarding experience for all.
Crypto News: Solana x OpenAI, Caged Beasts' 20% Bonus, Avalanche Partners With PBA
With the market buzzing and evolving at warp speed, it’s clear that crypto is on the fast track to becoming the new normal. We’re witnessing its unstoppable rise in various industries, where businesses are embracing this digital currency with open arms.
Platforms like Solana, Avalanche, and Caged Beasts are paving the way, showing us a sneak peek of the thrilling future where crypto seamlessly intertwines with our daily lives. It’s a game-changer that allows us to tap into uncharted realms of financial potential. Will you ride the wave?
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© 2023 Tribune Online – an online publication of African Newspapers of Nigeria Plc. All rights reserved
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