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Since our last best crypto to buy now update yesterday, we’ve observed an overall positive outlook in the performance. For example, the price of Bitcoin went up by 4% in the last 24 hours. Likewise, its dominance has reached a new high of 48%.

On the other hand, the global crypto market is also picking up steam. In the last 24 hours, trading volume went up by 15%, with a total value of $3.75 billion. The global crypto market cap also rose by 3.75% to $1.07 trillion. In the meantime, DeFi trading volume dropped to 5.85% of the crypto market trading volume over the past 24 hours.

In the news, Binance leaving the Netherlands may spell another potential turbulence in the crypto sector. Also, Bitcoin’s gains continue following the BlackRock Bitcoin ETF filing.

global coin market cap


The Best Crypto to Buy Now June

In these updates of the best crypto to buy now, we’ve featured some coins raking in up to 18% gains in 24 hours. Not only that, but we’ve also highlighted some presale coins investors ought to watch as a result of their current performance. Investors are invited to take the five with us. 

1. Quant (QNT)

Despite amassing over 36000% gains in its lifetime, Quant witnessed a bit of a struggle in the last 30 days. The price dropped from $103 and dipped to a 7-day low of $97. Overall, it lost over 10% of its value before rebounding to $116. However, the price fluctuation is not peculiar to QNT, as the bear market occurred across the board.

Conversely, there was renewed hope in QNT when the market heard the news of a collaboration between Quant and the impending CBDC initiative in the UK.

To reiterate, the UK government recently started pushing for a GBP-backed central bank digital currency (CBDC). Not long ago, Quant announced that it was partnering with the UK government in line with the CBDC initiative.


Following the announcement, the price of the coin took a massive upward movement. All things being equal, it’s likely that the price continues in an upward trend over the coming week.

QNT’s moving averages over the last 3 days point specifically to strong buy signals. Invariably, the coin may continue an unabated growth for a while, making it one of the best crypto to buy now.

Similarly, QNT’s is showing progressive growth across the board. Its market cap increased by 18% in 24 hours. Also, its 24-hour trading volume jumped by over 360%. Investors might want to keep an eye on this crypto.

2. SUI (SUI) 

SUI is up by 14%. This growth is coming after the coin lost nearly 36% of its value in the last 30 days. Surprisingly, SUI began an upward price movement earlier this week in a recovery move. The coin has since added 27% to its value within the last 7 days. A continuation of the gains may offset the net loss of the last 30 days.

Meanwhile, is SUI the best crypto to buy now? With an additional $0.11 coming on top of SUI value within 24 hours, SUI holders may finally be bracing up for their first profit in 30 days. Pressure from the bears started fading out because we are seeing some stability in price movement. 


The result of this stability brought about the upward trend that SOL took in the early part of the week. Ultimately, the coin has lost 56% of its value since its listing. The protracted value loss reduced hinvestors’ confidence, resulting in the recent dip.

If the activities around the network continues as it is, the upward price movement may continue throughout the coming days or even weeks. Reason being that the SUI Foundation recently awarded over $980k to SUI-based projects. The surge in activity and the prospect of future use cases for the platform may spark investors to think about the long-term value of the coin.

Invariably, the greater the desire to hold for the long term, the less the SUI dump is felt across the market. SUI may be one of the best cryptos to buy now.

3. Solana (SOL) 

Solana has not been an investor’s delight recently because of the massive value drain the coin went through. In one year, the coin lost nearly 50% of its value, cutting $42 from the gains of investors. However, the coin still kept its overall gains of 1900%, even though they were far less than investors expectations for the coin.

SOL has begun shaking off its days of protracted loss. In the past few days, the coin consolidated its loss and embarked on the current upward trend seen on its charts.


Although the shock of Solana being delisted still have continued to loom across the market, the price of the coin is going contrary to the unspoken fear. SOL is up by 6%, barely 24 hours after Solana got thrown out of another exchange.

SOL charts revealed that Solnaa has tested its resistance quite often in the last few days before dipping to $14. And, it follows the dip with an upward trend in price as seen in its charts. As it stands, Solana’s trend may continue as it is over the coming days. First, the recent increase in the Solana NFTs market would spark increased demand for SOL. 

With increasing NFTs transactions, there is a higher prospect that the bull will outperform the bear in the coming days. Investors may add Solana to their list of the best cryptos to buy now. Nonetheless, Solana may not be a good long-term strategy. For one, the coin may experience several dips in price, which may result from massive shorts against the price recovery.

4. Render Token (RNDR)

Render Token went viral after Apple Inc. picked interest in the project. Being a blockchain-based GPU product, the coin has enjoyed impressive gains from the growing AI trend.

Notwithstanding, the recent bear market that ravaged AI-based crypto projects also affected the price of RNDR. It cost the rallying coin over 40% of its value, pushing the price below $1.8. Consequently, RNDR price continued on a downward movement until recently, when it consolidated and began to mount pressure on the resistance.

Over the past 24-hours, the coin has gained 8% and may see more gains in the coming days. Furthermore, the demand for Render Network services spiked as network continues its push for use cases.

According to the post on its official Twitter handle, the platform recently launched the Request for Computing (RFC) Initiative. The initiative intends to expand the service provided by the network to a wider audience. According to its post on Medium, it hopes to see the platform having use cases in fields bordering on AI, big data, virtual reality, and more.

RNDR may be the best crypto to buy now. Usually, coins enjoy surges in price following activities around the net. This is the early surge we’re seeing, and more increases may follow over the coming days. Even more is to come if the project gains the intended traction.

5. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes first made the news as the crypto sentiment of the nonconformist subreddit group, Wall Street Bet. Afterwards, it made an even bigger news when it began breaking records and setting uncommon trends with its presale launches.

Generally, the Wall Street meme is an extension of the sentiment that’s already established on Reddit and across other memes. It’s a community-based project that believes in empowering its members to create wealth by becoming a part of the moment.

The project has been gathering steam through its presale and social media engagements. It may not come as a surprise if Wall Street memes usher in the theoretical era of the MeMe coin rally. 

Surprisingly, despite the namecoin season going through its dry times, WSM achieved an unbelievable milestone. The project pulled in millions of dollars in presale funding and went on to reach over 200k followers on Twitter. While that might look like a surprising feat, the coin just clinched another feat by surpassing $8 million. For a presale that’s barely three weeks and some days, that’s mouth-dropping progress.

The coin is on its way to raising another $100k in presale funds, and given its current momentum, it may achieve that in less than 24 hours. With that, the price would go from $0.0292 to $0.0295.

Investors should keep an eye on this upcoming crypto, as it may be the best crypto to buy now. Visit WSM presale 

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Wall Street Memes – Next Big Crypto

Wall Street Memes
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