New Delhi [India], May 22 (ANI/ATK): When talking about the success of cryptos and the market as a whole, you’d be remiss, not to mention the huge role the community has played in turning this industry into what it is today. Right from the day Bitcoin (BTC) launched back in 2009, crypto enthusiasts who believed in its potential were influential in pushing it and bringing attention to it now. Crypto has become a huge phenomenon that is known across the globe, with new coins appearing regularly, many of them prioritizing their communities to the point that they’ve become 100% community driven.

One of the latest to surface is an exciting new meme coin and platform known as DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI)! This article will take a look at what makes DogeMiyagi worth paying attention to and how its growing community factors into that while also looking at two other established crypto that shows a real care for their communities: Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX).

Solana is All EarsSolana built its popularity as a platform that wanted to bring a new level of accessibility and speed to blockchain networks, something it succeeded at as crypto ranked within the top 10 by market cap. Due to this, it has built a big and powerful community – and let me tell you – Solana’s community is a demanding bunch. With that said, the platform has risen to the occasion every single time. One of the requests that kept popping up was the need for DeFi solutions. Well, Solana heard the cry loud and clear, and they unleashed the power of Raydium upon us. With Raydium, users can enjoy lightning-fast trades, low fees, and a whole bunch of other nifty features. It’s just one of the many developments to come from community and input and demand. Another is their Wormhole concept, though it’s more about cross-chain communication than big scary holes in space.

With Wormhole, Solana created a bridge that allows users to transfer assets between Solana and other major chains like Ethereum. It’s like having a teleportation device for your crypto! Gone are the days of being stuck on one chain, my friends. Solana has opened the gates to a whole new level of flexibility and convenience. From software libraries to command-line tools, they’ve got it all. It’s like the community’s wish list magically came to life!

The Only Avalanche Worth Getting Trapped Under

Avalanche is focused on allowing its users to build DeFi applications with the goal of creating a platform that offers the best speed, security, and scalability for that.

So, how exactly has this community-driven approach propelled Avalanche’s growth?

One update that came from the help of the community was the ingenious solution called Avalanche Bridge. With the Avalanche Bridge, users can now transfer assets between Avalanche and other major chains, like Ethereum, with ease. It’s like having a teleportation device for your crypto! Say goodbye to being confined to a single chain, my friends. Avalanche has cracked open the doors to a world of flexibility and convenience.

Something else that’s consistently been vocalized by the Avalanche community has been the need for better developer tools, and Avalanche has answered the call in style. They’ve unleashed a suite of developer-friendly goodies called Avalanche Toolkit, which is like a treasure trove of resources that make building on Avalanche an absolute breeze.

DogeMiyagi Gives It All

DogeMiyagi is yet to officially launch on the market, but that hasn’t stopped it from building its own community of supporters, a group of like-minded individuals that the team actively listens to and responds to with incentives to thank them for their support. As a new project, there isn’t much to actually change at this point, but there are definitely things already advertised with a clear focus on the community. The most important part is that DogeMiyagi is one of the aforementioned cryptos where the team gives the community 100% control of it, creating a real sense of security as well as importance.

Further examples are DogeMiyagi’s referral system, which allows users to earn a generous 10% commission on their investments, such as Ether (ETH). And the best part? The commission is automatically deposited into their wallets. It’s a win-win situation that incentivizes users to actively participate and contribute to the growth of the community. There is the Killer Swap Machine which is an exchange powered by the renowned Uniswap, allowing users to seamlessly and effortlessly trade the MIYAGI token with a wide range of ERC-20 tokens.

And this is just mentioning the more complex parts of DogeMiyagi. There are, of course, the fun sides of it that any meme coin community would love! The ability to discuss your favourite cryptos, create and share your own memes, and, most excitingly, earn and trade DogeMiyagi’s own NFTs on its NFT marketplace.

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