Over the past year, the crypto market has struggled with enormous problems. Unfortunately, some cryptocurrencies didn’t manage to survive, some managed to overcome the challenges, and some managed not only to survive but also to show a huge potential for future progress! 

However, although we are witnessing the recovery of cryptocurrencies in general, now a new problem arises: how to choose “the one” from the sea of different cryptocurrencies. To make it easier for you, we have analyzed the entire situation in the crypto world, and we have singled out 6 cryptocurrencies, which are currently achieving excellent results, providing real benefits, and showing chances for high returns! 

Therefore, when thinking about your next crypto investment, make sure to pay attention to these coins, which are the best proof that crypto is finally recovering:

  1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU)
  2. DeeLance (DLANCE)
  3. Metropoly (METRO)
  4. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)
  5. RobotEra (TARO)
  6. Solana (SOL)


Love Hate Inu (LHINU): the best Vote-2-Earn meme coin!

At the top of the list of coins that prove that crypto is finally recovering and that now is the right time to invest, is Love Hate Inu (LHINU), the best vote-2-earn meme coin that records outstanding results! The popularity of this viral meme coin is increasing day by day, and the reason for this is probably that LHINU, unlike other meme coins like DOGE and SHIB, provides users with real benefits. The Love Hate Inu platform gives you the chance to vote on political, social, and trendy topics in a fun way, but also to earn through this fun activity!

LHINU is not only the cutest, funniest, and most viral meme coin at the moment, but also has a fantastic business model behind it, which instills additional confidence. Users recognized that, so during the Love Hate Inu presale, more than an amazing $4 million was already raised! Now is the ideal moment to grab LHINU, considering that its current price is 0.000115 USDT, and that predictions show that during 2023, this coin could pump up to 30x!

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DeeLance (DLANCE): a coin that is achieving amazing presale results!

The fact that crypto is recovering, we can also see in the example of the newest decentralized platform, DeeLance (DLANCE), whose presale is breaking all records, with more than $120,000 already raised! 

And how could it not, when DeeLance offers everything that similar freelance and recruitment platforms failed to offer: low fees for both freelancers and employers, no withdrawal costs, immediate payment for work done, and many other benefits! DeeLance gives both freelancers and employers infinite possibilities for a fast and safe business experience, and what additionally affects the great demand for the native DLANCE token, are phenomenal price predictions for this crypto for the next period!

If you decide to invest in DeeLance (DLANCE) now, for 0.025 USDT per coin, after the coin appears on the exchanges, you will see a profit of as much as 112%! This is more than a good reason to immediately invest in DLANCE!


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Metropoly (METRO): a coin whose popularity is increasing thanks to its use cases!

The success of the Metropoly (METRO) presale, which has so far gathered more than 3,100 early investors and raised more than $1,200,000  is proof that crypto is indeed recovering! This first NFT real estate marketplace can owe its success to a revolutionary idea that provides users with a chance for a new, simpler, and more favorable way of investing in real estate.

This first decentralized real estate market in the world gives you the chance to invest in real estate without the mediation of banks, additional hidden costs, or excessive paperwork, and an added plus is that you can start investing with only $100! METRO is a coin whose full potential is yet to be seen, so buy it ASAP!

metropoly 5
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Ecoterra (ECOTERRA): the best Recycle-2-Earn crypto!

The outstanding success of the first Recycle-2-Earn platform Ecoterra and its native ECOTERRA token is the best proof that crypto is recovering! If you have wondered why some crypto projects fail, and why some others achieve significant success, you can get the answer to that question by observing Ecoterra.

Ecoterra offers the “whole package”. It gives you the chance to earn by recycling, and at the same time, to leave a positive impact on the environment. Recycling should be a common practice, but the fact is that the availability of the Ecoterra app will increase recycling, precisely because of the rewards in the form of ECOTERRA tokens that users will get. 

You still have a little time to grab ECOTERRA for only $0.004. Do it ASAP, make a positive contribution to the preservation of the environment, and achieve personal benefits by investing in this coin that shows the chances for huge value growth!

buy ECOTERRA today

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If you want to entertain yourself in a virtual world, and at the same time get the chance to earn various rewards but also earn in countless other ways, then you should definitely grab TARO, the native coin of the RobotEra metaverse!

Within the RobotEra metaverse, by entering the role of a robot, together with your robot companions you can create anything you want in a fun way, and to experience everything RobotEra has to offer, you need to own TARO, which is currently on presale. Use the opportunity to buy it for only 0.020 USDT. Very soon, the price will be higher, and by the end of the year, it is expected that this coin will explode in price, and bring you huge gains!

robotera taro

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Solana (SOL): a coin that shows chances for fine gains!

One of the “older” coins that are also slowly recovering is Solana (SOL), whose current value is around $20. Predictions show that the value growth of this crypto will continue in the coming period and that by the end of the year, SOL will probably reach a value of around $32. However, the coins we talked about earlier still show much higher chances for much higher gains, so it would be wiser to opt for one of them.


After a long and difficult crypto winter, it seems that cryptocurrencies started recovering! Coins that lead this big comeback, thanks to their excellent results, phenomenal predictions for the future, and the real benefits they bring, are LHINU, DLANCE, METRO, ECOTERRA, and TARO. Invest in them on time, because in the coming period, the explosive growth of these coins is expected!


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