The last few days have been rough for the proof-of-stake token. In just a 4-day period, Solana price has dropped by nearly 15%. However, let’s not get all down and out over a small period of time. Solana (SOL) is still up over 100 percent since the start of the year so there is still a lot of hope being held onto by SOL investors.

While Solana is enjoying a rough week just like much of the crypto market the same cannot be said for new crypto on the block Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), The eco-coins presale has already surpassed $2 million raised, and that is despite it only going live for a few weeks ago. It has the runaway momentum of a steam train as everywhere you turn experts and influencers seem to be talking about it.

Later in this article, we will examine the properties that Ecoterra holds that make it such a popular presale but first, let’s take a look at what’s in store for Solana.

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Can Solana recover from this latest setback?  

Solana (SOL) is going through a very interesting period right now and the next week or so will tell a lot about which direction the price will go. The Solana network has always sold itself on its fast transaction speeds being able to handle 50,000 per second. This has always been Solana’s point of pride as it is one of the fastest blockchains on the market.

That has made this week’s developments very interesting indeed. Solana has become the first layer-1 network to actually change over to another layer-1 network where it will now be hosted. This is what occurred with the helium upgrade that was undertaken this week.

The upgrade was a success and involved a lot of interesting aspects but one I think our reader will be very interested in particularly is how it affected NFTs. The upgrade has allowed Solana to mint their NFTs at a cheaper cost when compared to their rivals, which we predict will lead to some very interesting developments in the future.

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So, here is where it gets interesting when we look at Solana’s price chart for the last 7 days: do we attribute the price drop to the Helium upgrade and the network migration, or is it just following the negative trend that has hit most of the market in the last week due to outside factors.

Solana has certainly taken a gamble and if you are a believer now is the perfect time to buy the dip. Personally, we are Solana fans, we like this aggressive gamble. When they zig you zag has generally been a successful crypto strategy so let’s see how this one plays out.

While the future of Solana is unsure, the latest green crypto project looks like it has a much more certain future and it is also green.

Ecoterra- Presale blows past the $2 million point

Any crypto lover with a head on their shoulders knows that the industry needs to do more for the environment. It has reached the stage where negative mining reports are affecting the market as a whole. We need more new projects that demonstrate real environmental values, not ones that pay lip service but really are just greenwashing projects.

Thankfully our prayers have been answered in the form of Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) a green project that requires real environmental action to gain rewards and then subsequently rewards that also help the environment. As we mentioned, the presale has just surpassed $2 million but to be honest this is just beginning as we predict this token will pump big time once the CEX listings begin.

So, what does Ecoterra actually do for the environment? Well, the partnership with Delhaize (Lion) will explain a lot. They are one of the largest supermarket chains in the world and have supermarkets everywhere across the globe. The crucial part of this partnership is the reverse vending machines that are located in their supermarkets.

These are exactly what they sound like, they give you money for putting something in them, in this sense recyclable products. The Ecoterra app will be linked with these machines and will give users native currency (ECOTERRA) as a reward for recycling via these machines.

It isn’t just for individuals either, they will be collaborating with big businesses to help them meet their green initiatives via the Ecoterra project. So, it will have real-world benefits as they hope to incentivize everyone to recycle more.

ECOTERRA then as a reward can be used to purchase carbon credits which are hugely valuable for big corporations in their quest to meet green goals. Even better, they can be used to pay for or organize other great green initiatives like beach clean-ups, planting trees, and even for classes on how to help the environment. 

We really like how Ecoterra has equally targeted businesses and individuals and no one is left out and they widened their net for participation. We think it is pretty clear Ecoterra is destined for a big come up so now represents a great time to get involved before its inevitable pump.


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Okay so to finish up the futures of Solana and Ecoterra look very different; while we believe in Solana they are clearly approaching a crossroads. This gamble they have taken migrating a different layer 1 network could be great or it could backfire on them.

Ecoterra on the other hand is just starting off its journey but it’s clear it is on a steady upwards trajectory. The current price for 1 ECOTERRA is $0.00625, but it will list at $0.01 so there is a great chance of growth even before the CEX listings. There are 7 days before the price increases so potential investors have a week to realize that this is a token that is built to survive in the present and future.

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