The crypto winter of 2023 spared very few tokens but one of the worst affected of all was Solana (SOL). 2022 had been a rough year up until November but the FTX collapse really caused it to fall off a cliff. Its founder Sam Bankman-Fried was public enemy number one as everything he touched turned to dust.

Unfortunately, one of the projects he spoke highly about was Solana, and even if the project had no direct involvement in what happened with FTX it got drawn into the fire. The crypto which was originally invented to compete with Ethereum, saw its value drop by around 95% and things were very bleak.

However things are looking up now and with a trading volume of $500 million, the price of Solana may be ready to head upward and back to its glory days. While Solana is once again battling for relevance, Love Hate Inu (LHINU), DeeLance (DLANCE), Metropoly (METRO), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), and RobotEra (TARO) are all having very successful presales and look like they will pump the second they are launched. 

We will get to these exciting presales later but let’s first look at a price prediction for Solana.


Can Solana pump and return to previous highs?

A quick look at the chart above and we can see that Solana (SOL) has enjoyed a very successful 2023 and that its price has grown by over 100 percent. However, to add some context we have to note that Solana had a previous high of $258.78. This a huge fall from grace as back then it really did look like the coin could achieve its target goal and challenge Ethereum at the top of the market.

solana price predict

With that being said things are looking much better these days. Experts are beginning to take Solana seriously again as the FTX stink begins to wear off. Messari, the crypto research site that helps investors navigate the crypto economy, has said that Solana will likely continue to grow their network and upgrade their ecosystem. This sentiment is reflected in the recent high trading volume.

Let’s take a look at a price prediction for Solana over the next 5 years



Minimum Price  Maximum Price 


$28.76 $41.04


$47.36 $59.16
2025 $72.56


2026 $101.46


2027 $134.51


It is likely that the market overreacted to the FTX scandal and maybe not everything the disgraced founder said was inaccurate. Well, at least that seems to apply to Solana as we can see decent growth is expected for the next 5 years. While this is good news for SOL investors we think the following 5 coins will pump by even more in the near future.

Love Hate Inu- The most exciting meme coin to hit the market

The excitement surrounding the new meme coin Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is really building as despite still being less than a month into its inception the presale is closing in on $3 million raised. A big factor is that it’s the first meme coin/V2E platform crossover.

The platform will allow users to vote on the trending topics online that have people talking. The platform will implement a stake-to-vote system which is very important as it ensures the polls can’t be rigged and also makes sure voters remain anonymous. 


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DeeLance- The decentralized freelance platform 

Freelancing as a means of working has exploded in popularity in recent years and that is likely only to continue. Despite that fact the platforms available to both freelancers and employers are limited. DeeLance (DLANCE) has stepped up and using web 3.0 technology will revolutionize the freelancing platform industry.

Ownership and payment issues are the two main factors they will improve on. An NFT token will be given to employers once a freelancer has completed the work so they will always have proof of ownership. While for payments, an escrow system will mean neither employer nor the freelancer needs to fear payment problems or disputes in the future.

deelance logo

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Metropoly- Make real estate investments in seconds

A fascinating project, Metropoly (METRO) is planning to bring real estate investment to the fingertips of its users. Not only that but they will break down all the barriers that are commonly faced by people wishing to enter the market.

Some of the most luxurious properties from around the world will be tokenized into NFTs, then fractionalized, and sold to crypto lovers interested in real estate. The NFTs will be available for as little as $100 dollars and you don’t have to worry about paperwork, hidden fees, or cooling-off periods.

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Ecoterra- Real-life rewards for real-life recycling

Environmentally conscious cryptos are great news for the industry in general and we fully support them but sometimes they can be a little vague about how they help the environment. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) is far from that. The project through its app will encourage you to recycle as much as you can.

Users will receive the native currency as a reward every time they scan and log an item they have recycled into their app. Then the rewards can be used on other green real-life projects. Examples in the whitepaper mention beach clean-ups and planting trees but ECOTERRA will be accepted for lots of different eco-friendly activities

ecoterra presale

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RobotEra- A metaverse game that will provide endless entertainment

What we love about RobotEra as a game is that it will provide endless hours of fun but also endless possible streams of revenue. The game takes place on the fictional planet of Taro which needs to be rebuilt following an incident that wiped everything away. Through your robot NFT sidekick, you will be able to rebuild and explore Taro.

No coding experience is required when it comes to building so players will be able to create from scratch whatever they want. Players spend the native currency, TARO, in-game on activities and entertainment so think about making use of your land as you could possibly turn a tidy profit.


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Solana does look like it will continue from strength to strength this year so those interested should invest. However, if you are looking for coins that will pump faster in 2023 we would advise you to choose from the five coins we listed above. They are also available at rock-bottom prices so you will get more bang for your buck.


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The latest trading volume indicates that Solana may be about to pump again. These 5 other cryptos are set to pump by even more however throughout 2023.

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