The crypto coin that is recently talked about a lot and is not letting any other coin take the spotlight is; Big Eyes Coin. Although this coin is yet to launch, the ripples that it is creating already during its presale are already better than most cryptocurrencies! The history of cryptocurrency has never seen a meme coin’s presale as huge as BIG’s. And to think that it is just the beginning for this newbie in the crypto world only makes us wonder how big the launch would be. Let’s find out the milestones that this coin has achieved till yet and how it has the potential to overtake massive crypto names like Shiba Inu and Solana.  

The success of the Big Eyes coin is pretty evident in the numbers; the BIG presale has generated $30 million already and is still on a roll! Just when we think that this kitty is done with all the tricks, it pulls out something else from its boots and the numbers soar even further. For instance; the recent introduction of loot boxes was another captivating move by BIG to lure investors and it for sure is making them turn heads!  

The BIG loot boxes allow the owners to win big numbers by investing a minimum of $100. The prizes can be as big as $100K!  Obviously, the prize value depends on the loot box that you are purchasing. There are three types of loot boxes; the Cute box which costs $100, the Kitty Vault which costs $500, and the Super Saiyan box which costs $1000. Since BIG is all about bringing back the fun element in the crypto world, the prizes are randomised, creating a mysterious aura. Meaning that upon purchasing the Cute box, for instance, you can win $100 or even $5000! It all comes down to your luck. However, one thing that BIG ensures is that you never lose any money upon purchasing these loot boxes. Thus, the lowest prize that you can win from these boxes is the exact return amount worth of BIG that you initially spent on the purchase.   


During the first stage of the presale, one BIG was equivalent to $0.0001 but today, one BIG has actually gained the value of $0.00049! Producing 390% returns during just the presale is a huge accomplishment for any crypto yet Big Eyes has done it! The BIG community is growing rapidly and is collectively dominating the crypto world. The investors who invested during the first stage of the presale were lucky enough to gain the most. Obviously, the earlier you invest, the bigger share of success you get. However, for all those who wish to jump on the BIG bandwagon and become a part of this huge success; it’s better late than never and based on the constant growth of BIG with every passing moment, we say that it’s still not too late. This is how you can get your hands on the Big Eyes coin:  

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) 




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