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The cryptocurrency market on Saturday, December 31, 2022, was flashing green, as the wider market stepped on the shoulders of leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) which also recorded 0.33% and 0.7% gains respectively. Accordingly, the broader crypto market was up by 0.59% to record a market cap of $796.5 billion, while its 24-hour trading volume dropped by 9.2% to $24.19 billion, according to to live data from CoinMarketCap at 4:21 PM IST. Trust Wallet Token (TWT) was leading top crypto gainers today, after increasing 8.4% o the day, while Solana (SOL) token followed with a 3.2% climb.

Analyzing Top Crypto Gainers Today

The following cryptocurrencies were the top crypto gainers today, December 31.

  1. Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

The Trust Wallet Token protocol is based on governance processes where holders vote on significant decisions influencing the Trust Wallet app, such as updates and brand-new features. 

The protocol’s native token TWT was among the first to launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – a blockchain designed for smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). The token can be transferred with low gas fees and near-instant transaction confirmation times.

Given that Trust Wallet Token (TWT) has no real value outside the Trust Wallet ecosystem, the current bullish bias can be attributed to token holders taking advantage of the wide range of discounts offered when buying cryptocurrencies inside the Trust Wallet ecosystem and the dwindling trust in centralized exchanges as investors aging interest in self-custody wallets.

A look at the Trust Wallet Token price action shows that TWT is currently trading at $1.43, after gaining more than 8% in the last 24 hours, making it the first on our list of top crypto gainers today.

TWT/USD Daily Chart

Trust Wallet Token Price Chart
TradingView Chart: TWT/USD

The token price is currently relying on the 9-day moving average (MA) for support as bulls attempt a run-up to the next barrier, which is the resistance at $.1.7. Shattering this hurdle would open the path for TWT price to retest the next resistance at $2.24, and in extreme cases where buying pressure increases, the price may crack the local high of $2.65.

The relative strength index (RSI) and the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator are tipping upwards, a sign that more buyers are entering the TWT market, adding credence to the bullish thesis.

On the other hand, if buying pressure reduces and TWT price loses the 9-day MA support, it would invalidate the bullish thesis and nullify the positive trajectory sending TWT price down to retest the supports at $1.28 and in the worst case, the floor price at $1.2.

2. Solana (SOL)

Solana has lost more than $50 billion in value since the beginning of 2022, an unsurprising outcome given the year recorded several outages, overloads, and significant exposure to the collapsed exchange FTX.

However, the recent price action displayed by the SOL token suggests that investors are restoring their faith while the broader crypto markets attempt stability. According to SOL proponents, as a decentralized finance platform, Solana is more critical than ever.

In its design, Solana is an efficient and speed-first platform leveraging an innovative consensus mechanism to differentiate itself from Ethereum.  

Based on the SOL/USD daily chart, Solana is trading with a bullish bias today attempting a recovery from the recent $7.96 low to trade at current rates of $10.03 at the time of writing.

SOL/USDT Daily Chart

Solana Price Chart
TradingView Chart: SOL/USD

The moving average (MA) at $10.71 is the first hurdle that bulls are facing in their attempt to raise SOL prices higher. Breaching this resistance would set the stage for a recovery. However, the bulls would first have to turn the MA into support and use it as the jumping-off point for their next target at $11.53.

If bulls can put in more effort from this point, their next target would be $12.32, and pulling this off would set them towards the $12.92 level and ultimately the local high at $14.97.

The relative strength index (RSI) indicates at 31 shows that Solana is trading close to the oversold region, which means that the market is due for a pullback. If this happens, the Solana price will increase, further validating the bullish thesis. The moving average convergence divergence (MACD), which is currently moving flat, suggests that bears and bulls are each putting up a fight to control the SOL market.

But what happens if the 9-day MA proves too formidable for SOL price? In this case, the bulls would have to defend the immediate support at $9.6 because losing it would see bears take over, sending the Solana price lower, potentially reaching the local low at $7.96.

3. FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut is a newly introduced project, coming in the form of a move-to-earn (M2E) fitness platform set to take the workout routine of anyone who participates or engages to greater heights, so far that traditional gyms can never achieve.

The FightOut M2E platform has committed to providing a workout routine that is tailored to the individual taste and preference of the participant, thereby ensuring that the muscles and joints of every player function in the right way.  

Moreover, if you are a FightOut participant, or in this case an athlete or someone who takes pleasure in working out, you can access FightOut’s metaverse with the TARO token that is currently in the presale stage.

Once in the metaverse, you have the freedom to create your own avatar self and use it to engage and interact with other players through duels and earn more $FGHT tokens in the process. The FGHT token presale is recording amazing results having raised upwards of $2.44 million just weeks after starting. Based on the expert prediction, the FightOut platform will change the move-to-earn space, as we know it, bringing forth something better. Do not be left out!

Check out these amazing bonus tiers if you want to vest for 24 months & buying more than $500 of $FGHT!

Visit Fightout here

4. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is here to make better and more effective traders out of anyone who chooses to join the community. Every trader needs the much-needed help provided by Dash 2 Trade for them to record steady gains amidst such tumultuous market sentiments.

Among the most desirable features of the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem is its presale dashboard, an amazing feature where users can get firsthand information concerning new cryptocurrency-related projects as early as from their presale stages so that they can determine whether to invest in them or not.

Like every valuable thing, the Dash 2 Trade dashboard is not free and requires a monthly subscription via $D2T tokens. This D2T utility token will certainly grow in value with many traders and investors seeking to get their hands on it and enjoy immense gains. As the D2T presale continues, the project has already raised more than $11.5 million, adding credence to the strong fundamentals of the project.

Dash 2 Trade has positioned itself as the best crypto analytics and signals platform. Do not miss this out, make a judgment call to join this revolution so that you can be among those who enjoy considerable gains. 

Visit Dash 2 Trade here  

5. Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is also a top gainer today, celebrated for introducing a blockchain-based card game christened Calvaria: Duels of Eternity.

In the Calvaria game, players have a chance to own battle cards of playable characters, which they can deploy on the battlefield by leveraging skillful combinations that will help them outsmart or beat their opponents.  

As a player engages in the Calvaria Duels of Eternity game, they earn $RIA tokens, which can then be used to create better card decks and thereafter exchanged for cash. Calvaria has ascertained that every user enjoys the best of mobile gaming while introducing them to crypto as they enjoy its play-to-earn ecosystem. 

Calvaria makes it to the list of top crypto gainers today because the RIA team has already amassed more than $2.6 million in the ongoing presale, which means only 16% of the tokens allocated for the presale are left. Do not be among those who regret missing out.

Visit Calvaria here

6. RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is a sandbox-themed metaverse project where every blockchain enthusiast is invited to enjoy an open world where they can rebuild and develop to restore the lost glory. While the rebuilding happens, the players get to earn a considerable income.

To access the intrigues of the RobotEra metaverse, one needs to attain the form of a robot, as these are the characters dominating the Taro planet. The robot will be used as the persona to acquire property, including buying lands, gathering resources, participating in quests, and creating robot companions. 

RobotEra rewards participants with $TARO tokens as they engage in metaverse activities. The tokens can be exchanged for cash. The holder may also choose to stake these TARO tokens and enjoy passive income henceforth.

This incredible platform, RobotEra, started its presale only recently and has already raised upwards of $637K.

It will certainly provide impressive gains to metaverse enthusiasts and crypto fans, making it an essential consideration, which is why it features among our top gainers today.

Visit RobotEra here

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