These days, the crypto markets are seeing the worst slump of this year, caused by the drama surrounding FTX and its founder, Sam Bankman Fried. The total crypto market cap as well as BTC took a dive yesterday as details of the insolvency of FTX, a well-known crypto exchange, made headlines. Top cryptocurrencies continued to bleed in the meantime, resulting in significant losses suffered by investors. But Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, Calvaria, and Tamadoge are still faring better than others.

Solana turned out to lose the most among all other cryptos after the rumors of its entanglement in the insolvency of the FTX spread. As a consequence, SOL prices fell below 20% in just 24 hours.

Though it seems like a plausible strategy in the worst-case scenario, there has been no official statement from the companies. The commotion in crypto markets can be clearly felt from the price chart, which indicates the market remains choppy for all market participants. So we have brought you four remarkable altcoin alternatives to invest in and avoid losses right now.

What is going on with SOL?

As mentioned above, Solana is losing value consistently based on the presumption that Alameda could dump millions of SOL tokens. Amid all the drama between the top crypto exchanges in the market, i.e. FTX and Binance, most crypto investors continue losing money. FTT, FTX’s native token, displayed similar characteristics to SOL because Binance publicly announced its intention to sell its FTT holdings.

Alameda’s CEO responded to the news by sharing that the trading firm would buy Binance’s share of FTT tokens. This, however, stabilized FTT prices for a while but also caused experts and investors to wonder how Alameda intends to pay for the Binance stake. SOL is the second-largest holding of Alameda Research after FTT, which is why chances are that SOL could be losing more value.

4 alternative cryptos for investment while SOL faces a price crash


Dash 2 Trade

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Dash 2 Trade is the hidden gem of this season for crypto investors who have been waiting for an opportunity to invest in the future of crypto trading. Dash 2 Trade is building a next-generation crypto analytics platform and dashboard that will include unique features and tools. The project leaders believe it is time for the crypto industry to have its own Bloomberg-like trading terminal.

This project is aiming to not only simplify crypto traders’ experiences but also help them make informed decisions while trading. Dash 2 Trade’s platform will be fully equipped with social indicators, on-chain analysis, and other kinds of data terminals that help monitor the crypto market. At present, it is a challenge to receive on-time updates, causing traders to lose money, but Dash 2 Trade can change this.

With Dash 2 Trade, it would be easier to receive trading signals, figure out the social sentiment for any crypto, spot trending coins, and be informed about investment-worthy presales. The entire Dash 2 Trade ecosystem depends on its native ERC20 token, named D2T. D2T will enable users to take advantage of the social strategy builder.

D2T tokens are available to purchase via Dash 2 Trade’s public presale, which has been ongoing for a few weeks now. Currently, in stage 3, Dash 2 Trade has secured millions from investors around the world. Experts believe that Dash 2 Trade is going to have a record-breaking success before the presale is over.

Just like Dash 2, Trade is aiming for what investors have needed forever, and is another example of how green crypto investments can exist. is a large-scale, eco-friendly blockchain ecosystem that helps users reduce their carbon footprint. To achieve that, this project employs a unique carbon credit approach to efficiently put a stop to global carbon emissions. is building its ecosystem as an ideal solution for carbon offsetting, which makes market participants cut down their carbon footprints effectively. It would be easier for people and businesses to contribute to global carbon offsetting. This platform would act as a marketplace where people would come to shop and acquire carbon credits.

Carbon credits would be tokenized as NFTs so that there are no double-spending issues or chances of fraud that deter users. Every transaction occurring on this platform would be transparent and traceable. The IMPT token is at the core of this entire ecosystem. During its presale, IMPT is observing record-breaking success and raised up to $12 million.

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At a time when the P2E craze has become quite significant, Calvaria: Duels of Eternity has launched with its addictive yet rewarding gameplay. Calvaria is specifically an epic fantasy told in the form of trading cards. Winners in Calvaria are decided when they win against another player or in a tournament match.

The game consists of a compelling storyline, various playable factions, decks, various upgrades from the in-game store, and unique cards. But Calvaria is different from all other P2E games in that it gives players true ownership of their in-game resources. Calvaria will be launching in two formats, one being the free-to-play version and the other being P2E.

Calvaria is experiencing great success during its presale phase 4, where 1 USDT is worth 40 RIA. Soon the presale would reach phase 5, and RIA prices would increase.


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Tamadoge needs no introduction, as it is worthy of being considered the memecoin of the year. This project features adorable yet nostalgic Tamadoge pets that one can breed, raise, and train for battles to win rewards. TAMA tokens saw a public presale that concluded successfully, raising $19 million. After that, TAMA got listed on some of the most renowned exchange platforms. If you wish to invest in a potential winner, then Tamadoge is worth considering.


During the clash between Binance and FTX, many cryptos, including SOL, will be facing the consequences in the days to come. Therefore, it is wiser to buy D2T, IMPT, RIA, and TAMA instead to stay on the safe side.


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