In the first episode of the new TV series Coinage, host Zack Guzman explores the question of legitimacy in crypto and interviews the co-founder of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko, about whether Solana really is the “Ethereum-killer” it’s been claimed to be.

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coinage, a new TV series today debuted its first season and kick-off episode featuring the co-founder of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko. The highly-anticipated Coinage season covers crypto‘s biggest questions, featuring exclusive interviews with leaders from the most talked-about crypto projects.

“It’s kinda weird to call it [Solana] an ETH-killer,” says Yakovenko.

In the first episode, currently available on YouTube, Coinage questions whether anything in crypto is legitimate and how projects can establish legitimacy without a central authority. In the interview, Zack and Anatoly discuss Solana’s reputation as an “Ethereum-killer,” plans to reduce downtime on the network, and how to best measure the growth of Web3 adoption.

From what I heard we’re the ETH-killer right? …. It’s funny because Solana is such a totally different architecture, a different point of view on how blockchains should be built… it’s kinda weird to call it an ETH-killer,” says Yakovenko.

Yakovenko also weighs in on the risk of rising pressure from regulators to crack down on cryptocurrencies, and whether it’s fair to label some as securities. “I think the development of these protocols and things like that are not really something that you could say is fundamentally an activity that would make it a security,” he says. “Fundamentally, I think that publishing open source code that implements these protocols is a First Amendment right.”

Coinage’s season premiere is now live on YouTube. Coinage NFT holders unlock exclusive access to watch the episode first, along with other exclusive content, on the Coinage website. Anyone can buy a Subscriber NFT for free to watch future episodes ad-free and before the general public.

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