Triblock’s investment portfolio includes market leaders across DeFi, Gaming, NFT’s, and Infrastructure

Triblock, a Boston, MA-based web3 investment and advisory firm, has exited stealth mode and launched officially.

Co-founded in 2019 by Matt Batsinelas and Bennett Collen who connected at their alma mater Boston College, Triblock invests across collaborative financial primitives, institutional tooling, middleware infrastructure, Web3 collectibles, and gaming. It offers resources to its portfolio companies across business development, company formation, liquidity management, market insights, and strategic planning.

The fund has already made over 20 investments while operating in stealth including in Oncyber (Open Metaverse Infrastructure) and Stader (Liquid Staking), Ondo (Decentralized Investment Bank), Metaplex (Solana-Incubated NFT Standard), Stardust (Web3 NFT Infrastructure), and Milkomeda (Multichain EVM Layer). The fund now aims to back 20 additional portfolio companies over the next two years.

Batsinelas’ background stems from the global crypto trading industry having worked on the business development teams at Flow Traders in Amsterdam and Altonomy in New York City, where he facilitated launches for top token issuers on exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and FTX alongside interfacing with hundreds of institutional OTC clients.

Collen is a serial entrepreneur within Web3 having founded metaverse fashion company Endstate(raised $5.5m) and trademark protection platform Cognate (acquired by GoDaddy). He created and taught the Blockchain at Boston College course.



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