IDO, which stands for Initial DEX Offering, is the practice of selling new crypto tokens by hosting them on decentralized exchanges (DEXes). First seen in 2013, IDOs are an increasingly popular way of raising funds for the further development of crypto projects, especially as centralized platforms fell out of favor among investors in 2022.

IDO cryptos are a great way of getting your hands on the new crypto projects that might have the potential to boom in the future. However, choosing the right one is not as easy as it may sound.

The crypto industry has been the hottest topic ever since it came into the limelight, and many new crypto projects are released every now and then. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of the top IDO crypto projects to ease the task for you.

And with every IDO crypto listing, we’ll be looking over what the project offers and how it may come out in the future.

Upcoming Crypto IDOs – Top 10 List

Here’s a brief look at the best crypto IDOs of this year. You can find a detailed view of each IDO right after this section.

  • Battle Infinity – the Best IDO Crypto on Presale Now
  • GEMS – IDO Focusing on Revolutionize the Esport Industry
  • EYWA – IDO Focusing on Solving Interoperability Issues
  • GIGCO – IDO Transforming the Music Industry
  • Movn – IDO Turning the Move-to-Earn Sector
  • Cassava Network – IDO Aims to be Africa’s Crypto Infrastructure for all Residents
  • Aura Network – NFT Layer-one Blockchain IDO
  • SEOR – IDO Focused to Facilitate the Crypto Development
  • Colexion – IDO NFT Platform
  • Skill Labs – GameFi Analytics IDO

A Detailed Look at the Best IDO Crypto Projects

We’ve explored the following top 10 IDO cryptos in detail to bring you this comprehensive guide, including their goals and future potential:

Battle Infinity – the Best IDO Crypto on Presale Now

Battle Infinity is the newest metaverse-focused play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform that runs on blockchain technology with a BEP-20 token IBAT as its native utility token.

Besides playing, this platform allows users to interact and build relationships with others, has NFT integrations, and can play to earn IBAT as rewards.

Battle Infinity

Battle infinity appears to be this year’s best gaming platform, with more variety and utility than other crypto games platforms, offering six different products:

  • Premier League
  • Battle Swap
  • Battle Stake
  • Battle Market
  • Battle Games
  • Battle Arena

The platform is currently on presale that started on 11 July. The project is already gaining high investor interest  as it has raised over $750,000 USD in its first ten days since the presale started. Currently 80 days remain.

Out of the 10 billion IBAT supply, early investors can grab a total of 28% of the tokens through the presale. Also, crypto presales are an excellent time to invest in tokens before they hit the market and their price shoots up.

The minimum investment is 0.1 BNB, whereas you can go as high as 500 BNB. Overall, Battle Infinity is an exciting IDO crypto project – its first DEX listing will be PancakeSwap after the presale – with a lot of potential and is expected to dominate crypto gaming platforms in the coming months.

Presale Started July 11
Presale End Oct 10 – Or 16,500 BNB Hard Cap Hit
Blockchain BSC
Min – Max Investment 0.1 – 500 BNB

Visit Battle Infinity

GEMS – IDO Focusing on Revolutionize the Esport Industry

GEMS is an Esport 3.0 platform that aims to revolutionize the industry by combining GameFi, SocialFi, Metaverse, and Esports. The platform is about to launch its DEX offerings by tomorrow (21st July) on the Polkabridge platform at the price of $0.005.

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With the launch of Esport 3.0, players will have their own assets, the power to operate independently, and a better way to communicate with the gaming community.

In 2020, the blockchain gaming industry had total revenue of $321 million, where 41.9 million users owned crypto.

That said, there’s no doubt that blockchain and Esport can see an exponential rise in the coming years, making GEMS one of the leaders of Esports 3.0 as it is based on both the elements – blockchain P2E gaming and Esports.

The platform is based on the online to offline (O2O) ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between traditional Esports and crypto gaming. Their team also sets to expand their offline presence across Asia and eventually plans to open 50 hotels in the three years.

This would allow players and teams to gather, participate in events, and compete in tournaments.

GEMS has also secured 5 million USDT and is backed by more than 45 ecosystems and 30 venture capital crypto investors, including Project Seed, World Overlay, Starverse, Fight of the Ages, and more crypto VC funds. This many be one of the best NFTs in the making that could help push GameFi into the mainstream.

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EYWA – IDO Focusing on Solving Interoperability Issues

EYWA is another IDO on our list. This protocol aims to solve the interoperability issue, a major problem in the crypto world.

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This will be done by creating a single DeFi ecosystem where one project would be able to communicate – transfer information – with the other project, which wasn’t possible earlier. The non-compatible network was the root cause of this.

EYWA acts as an intermediate or a middle layer between the chains and allows faster transactions at a relatively low price.

Even though there are already established similar crypto projects in the market, like Quant, if EYMA succeeds, it might become the mainstream project in the market, defeating every other similar project.

The release date of EYWA IDO is yet to be scheduled. However, it is known that it will take place on GAGARIN and will be sold at $0.20 for its 150,000 overall tokens.

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GIGCO – IDO Transforming the Music Industry

GIGCO is a new live music platform aiming to blend cryptocurrency and the music industry to create an enhanced user environment.

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Not just live music, but this platform is a one-stop solution for booking tickets, venues, artists, purchasing merchandise, music management, and more. And all this is done by being on Solana’s network (or the Solana blockchain).

GIGCO aims to change traditional operating methods in the music industry by providing a tokenized mobile application. As this mobile application will be built on Solana, the transactions will be fast and more secure.

This will also eliminate the intermediaries (booking agents or resellers) and provides a decent cut to the artists.

GIGCO has already acquired $950,000 in funding and will release its IDO next month between the 26th and 28th of August at the price of $0.075.

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Movn – IDO Turning the Move-to-Earn Sector

Movn is a move-to-earn platform that rewards users for being physically active. It is a web 3.0 lifestyle application that works on a similar approach to other pre-existing apps around this notion.

However, what differentiates this app from others is its SuperApp system. Being a SuperApp, it allows users a wide array of third-party mini-apps such as partner finding, marketplaces, games, NFTs, facility booking, and more.

The prime intent of offering such mini-apps on the platform is to make it engaging for its users.

To positively impact sports in today’s world, Movn has over 100s prominent athletes associated with the platform and supporting their vision.

Movn is already out for its IDO (10th July) at the price of $0.15 and supports an application that has already been downloaded by more than 50k users on Android devices.

Cassava Network – IDO Aims to be Africa’s Crypto Infrastructure for all Residents

Cassava Network is built by a fantastic team of individuals and is already gaining much traction among Africans. This platform is built for the African market that works on blockchain technology (Solana) to reward creators, users, and developers using DeFi.


Even though this platform was made for the African market, they do not just aim to connect African creators and producers but focuses on connecting Africa to the entire world.

Cassava aims to transform the way creators are rewarded. They allow integration of their app to any other existing services or apps and pay users for their engagement.

This way, the developers and creators can enhance the user experience. Whereas the users will get paid for their time on the platform.

The IDO date for Cassava Network is yet to be declared. However, it is worth noting that they have already raised $8 million from more than 40 investors.

Aura Network – NFT Layer-one Blockchain IDO

Aura Network remarks that they are “Building the Internet of NFTs.” And why not, as NFTs are the building blocks of web 3.0 and metaverse.

Aura Network is an agile and scalable Layer-one blockchain that focuses on elevating the adoption rate of new NFT projects on a global level.

The platform is built keeping NFTs in mind and based on the Cosmos ecosystem. This means that the platform allows users to assess, check, or participate in the NFT transactions to reinforce and make them less complex.

Users can get their hands on the Aura Network as it is already live for the developers. Plus, the mainnet launch can also be expected soon in Q3 this year.

The Aura IDO launch will be held on the 25th of July on Impossible Finance, where the price of each token will be $0.065.

SEOR – IDO Focused to Facilitate the Crypto Development

SEOR is another exciting project in our IDO list that aims to provide developers with a convenient blockchain technology development platform. And SEOR makes this possible by offering a low-code, highly scalable platform for developing applications.


Undoubtedly, the origination of blockchain has solved many problems. Yet, blockchain also comes with other caveats that cannot be overlooked. One such is the transferring of information from one blockchain to another.

That said, SEOR addresses this issue along with others, such as lack of innovation, single system support, fragmented access, and more.

It serves as a:

  • Low-Code Platform
  • Lightweight Oracle Network (allows to import off-chain data to on-chain)
  • Cross-Chain Bridge (allows assets on different chains to support cross-chain transfer)

SEOR takes off a lot on the shoulders of users/developers when it comes to creating blockchain-based applications. This project has a lot of potential as it solves some of the major issues in the industry.

The SEOR Initial DEX Offering took place this month on the 4th of July with the availability of 4,222,222 coins, each sold at $0.045.

Colexion – IDO NFT Platform

Colexion is an NFT platform made specifically for sports and entertainment that allows you to buy, collect, and trade licensed digital collectibles. It is based on the Polygon network and has an ERC-20 token, CLXN.

Colexion IDO will be held on the FireStarer platform with a total of 1.5 million tokens available for sale, each selling at $0.10.

Colexion lists NFTs of global stars such as cricketers, musicians, and actors and allows users to buy different tiers of blind boxes and their limited NFT collection.

Whenever someone makes a purchase, the NFT rights are straight away transferred to the buyer, making it a reliable and 100% authentic platform.

The Colexion marketplace is already set and running even though its IDO is yet to be announced. Colexian has already signed many big names from the industry, such as Yuvraj Singh, Kieron Pollard, Mika Singh, Glenn Maxwell, and more.

Skill Labs – GameFi Analytics IDO

Skill Labs is an analytical platform that reinforces the cooperation of stakeholders who falls under the play-to-earn space. Skill Labs’ official IDO date has not been finalized yet. However, it’ll take place on TrustPad, where the tokens will be sold for $0.008.

Skill Labs

One of the best features of Skill Labs is its real-time on-chain analytics. These enable the users to track real-time key metrics such as ROI, payback time, inflation and game health, and more.

The platform also offers a game-agnostic CRM where they fuse APIs, blockchain, and SDK data to enable game-agnostic scholar management.

These powerful analytics tools make the platform more transparent and credible in the eyes of its users, making it more probable to be adopted by potential users.

Skill Labs also lists a few of the well-known games on their website that users can play and earn from— Axie Infinity, Cyball, and Thetan Arena being the ones that are up and ready to be played.

What is a crypto IDO?

Understanding an IDO is as crucial as knowing the best crypto IDO platform. As we’ve already discussed the best IDO crypto platforms, let’s move ahead with what a crypto IDO is.

IDO or Initial DEX Offering is a crowdfunding method where the new crypto token or coins gets introduced on the DEX (decentralized exchanges) to raise capital. The funds will further be used in the development or marketing side of things for the project.

IDOs allow people to buy the tokens at a relatively lower price before they are listed on the centralized exchange platforms like Coinbase or Binance.

How does IDO work?

The working of a crypto IDO is quite straightforward. Firstly, a fixed number of tokens will be allotted on the platform at a fixed value. Users will then lock the funds in return for their tokens and get them during the token generation event (TGE).

Usually, the tokens get locked up for a shorter period; this entirely depends on one project to another and typically lasts for months.

The IDOs are available or accessed with the help of decentralized exchange launchpads such as TrustPad. These fundraising platforms are specifically designed for early-stage investors that promise safety and temporarily maintain the raised funds.


IDO and ICO may appear similar, but they certainly aren’t. Here’s how you can differentiate between them.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. This is also a fundraising technique where a company willing to raise funds to build an app or coin can do it by launching an ICO.

Unlike IDO, the fundraising gets conducted by the project that is launching the ICO, i.e., the company itself.

When it comes to the ICOs, they offer a greater number of tokens for lesser money and are usually private and seek investors with larger capital. Also, the investors must wait for a listing on an exchange to then buy cryptocurrency tokens they are interested in, as they are not immediately available with ICOs.

Here are a few notable benefits of IDOs over ICOs one must consider:

  • Lockup period— There are no lockup periods when it comes to IDOs, and instant tradings can be done, whereas ICOs come with a vesting time that may last up to months
  • Liquidity— There’s enough liquidity with IDOs that allows for trading immediately as they are listed on exchanges
  • Listings— IDOs tend to save a lot of raised funds as they get listed on the decentralized exchange and do not have to spend on exchange listing like ICOs, which later cost hefty amounts

How to Find the Top New Crypto IDOs

Looking for the best IDO crypto can be a daunting task. However, the following are a few things that you can look after while seeking the best IDO crypto:

  • Utility –  This is one of the most critical factors that one must consider while choosing the IDO crypto. A project must solve a problem and provide additional value that existing projects aren’t offering.

For example, Battle Infinity might be a similar project to Axie Infinity, but it is more transparent, less likely to be prone to vulnerabilities, and more ambitious of a metaverse project with different types of gameplay.

  • Investors – It’s always good to keep an eye on whether famous personalities or organizations have shown interest in an ICO. Mainly because well-known investors involved in any project indicate that the project may lead to future success.
  • Whitepaper – This one may come out as pretty obvious, but it can be an effective way of leading to the right crypto IDO. Every project comes with a whitepaper that demonstrates how the project works.

Leave behind any crypto IDO projects that don’t have a clear strategy for achieving their objectives. However, a project that clearly explains its working, strategies, and tokenomics may have high potential.

Are IDO Cryptos a Good Investment?

Defining IDO cryptos as good or bad investments might not be the right way as every IDO crypto is distinctive and brings different values onto the table.

Below are a few reasons why IDO cryptos are a good choice:

Low Cost

Usually, the IDO crypto tokens get traded at a relatively lower price as a gesture to reward the investors. This is one of the best ways of making money from crypto in an early-stage project.

However, it’s advised to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing and acknowledge that the token’s price can even fall below its initial IDO value. Also see our guide to the best cheap cryptos.

First Mover Advantage

Often participating in a crypto IDO rewards you if you are one of its early investors. You can acquire the asset at a fairly lower price, which can be lucrative in the coming future.

But, this will only happen if the demand for the asset shoots up following its launch. Things can go down the hill if there is no demand.


IDOs are much more accessible when compared with ICOs. They open the doors for a common person to invest in the projects; even the basic knowledge around crypto and how DEX works would be enough to get started.


The above-listed IDOs are some of the most promising projects that may even turn out to be more profitable in the coming times. However, it’s always safe and recommended to conduct research about a project before investing as the prices may fluctuate. Battle Infinity is one of the platforms that would be worth observing this year. With the vast offerings and reinforced security, this platform has the potential to be advantageous in the future.

Battle Infinity – New Crypto Presale

Battle Infinity
  • Presale Until October 2022 – 16500 BNB Hard Cap
  • First Fantasy Sports Metaverse Game
  • Play to Earn Utility – IBAT Token
  • Powered By Unreal Engine
  • CoinSniper Verified, Solid Proof Audited
  • Roadmap & Whitepaper at

Battle Infinity

Read More

FAQs on Crypto IDO Projects

What is an IDO in Crypto?

IDO is short for Initial Dex Offering. It comes when the asset becomes available on the DEX for the first time.

Is it wise to Invest in IDO?

Any crypto asset has investment risks. However, IDOs can be a great investment, depending on your needs.

How to get IDO?

You can browse IDOs through TrustPad, or gain awareness of them through social media platforms.

What are the best crypto IDOs in 2022?

All the assets we have listed are the best IDOs in 2022. The IDO that we are the most bullish about is Battle Infinity.

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