The cryptocurrency market has been evolving ever since its existence. Now, there are different types of cryptocurrencies in the market. We can broadly classify them into four groups: Utility tokens, stable coins, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens, and meme coins. And some of the top-rated cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), Ethereum Classic (ETC),Avalanche (AVAX), Internet Computer (ICP), etc.

Similar crypto project Mehracki (MKI) is currently in its initial stages. Let’s dive deep into the nitty-gritty of the highlighted cryptocurrencies followed by this new project.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

Some people think Ethereum Classic (ETC) is just the same as Ethereum (ETH) – they are wrong! The blockchain indeed originated from Ethereum, but it separated its way back in 2016 when a few developers disagreed on the way blockchain was operated.

The network depends on the proof of work (PoW) mining mechanism. This means that people from around the globe run the software to verify the transactions made on the blockchain. The miners are then rewarded for their job in the form of ETC tokens.

Internet Computer (ICP)?

Internet Computers (ICP) is the fastest and most scalable general-purpose blockchain that operates 100% on web browsers. Here, people do not require tokens to use the DApps. It is not even necessary to download the blockchain state to verify the transactions. It is all because of the token’s mechanism and interface.

It is a set of protocols that allow independent users from around the globe to come together and offer an alternative decentralized network to users.

Why meme coins? Evolution of meme coins in the crypto industry

Meme coins or tokens are based on the trending jokes and memes on social media. They are highly volatile as they gain popularity overnight and might even lose it when another rival enters the market. The first-ever meme coins were Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). After them, there were other projects primarily based on meme coins, including MKI.

Mehracki (MKI): Community-based meme coin

Mehracki (MKI) is a community-driven meme token built on Solana (SOL). It is designed in a simple, user-friendly, and interactive way to attract users to invest. Unlike other meme coin projects, MKI gives utility and real-life application to its tokens. This feature is what makes it unique from other meme coins.

Vision Values of Mehracki (MKI):

The team works to revive the long-lost art among people and creators. There are four vision values according to which the team is working:

1.  Longevity

2.  Transparency

3.  Community

4.  Scalability

What makes Mehracki (MKI) different?

Investors criticize meme coins for their limitations. But with MKI, the big picture is different. Here are a few reasons why this crypto token is unique.

·   Utilitarian Model: Users look for utility in tokens for investment. This token serves as a value exchange between users and other businesses.

·   Incentivized Adoption:Mostly, the meme coins don’t provide rewards to the users. But MKI has an adoption policy regarding it.

·   Real-life Application:The users will not have to exchange the tokens for paying for the goods and services. It is because of the partnerships this project has with hospitality businesses around the globe.

Why Solana (SOL) Blockchain?

Solana (SOL) is an open-source network that hosts multiple DApps and other new projects. Following are the reasons why MKI preferred using Solana (SOL):

·   Speedy transactions.

·   Minimal transaction fees

·   Business partnerships, etc.

Tokenomics and Presale details:

The MKI token is a native cryptocurrency of the Mehracki ecosystem. The project is in the presale stage which comprises three different stages.The total supply is 1,000,000,000,000 MKI.


The team initiated this project to inject creativity into the crypto world. Unlike traditional meme coins, MKI provides a utility mechanism for the users. It also helps to unite other cryptocurrency market concepts like NFTs and DeFi. It is simpler to use and user-friendly for investors to initiate their business startups. Therefore, Mehracki (MKI) seems to have a good potential to shine among the market rulers like Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Internet Computer (ICP).

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