The crypto payments specialist Wirex is trying to make it easier for customers in India to add funds to their digital Wallets. The Wirex Wallet is compatible with dozens of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and supports a number of different blockchains after adding the Polygon blockchain to a list that already included Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain.

Wirex Adds New Crypto Payment Options in India

Thanks to the latest update, crypto customers in India will now be able to top up their accounts with a mobile payment or a basic bank transfer. Wirex believes that the utility will make the crypto market more accessible, insofar as offering a greater range of payment options will ensure that more people will be able to seed their wallets to start making crypto transactions. In that regard, the Wirex Wallet can already be used with regular debit and credit cards, and with the Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile payment systems.

“We’ve released the Wirex Wallet to enable mainstream users to benefit from DeFi,” said Wirex Co-Founder and CEO Pavel Matveev. “Extending the features and functionality for customers in India is the next step in this. As the largest crypto market in the world, it’s important that we provide a best-in-class experience for users by offering the ultimate convenience, flexibility and security when using the app.”

While Wirex’s Wallet is available globally, the company has been especially focused on South Asia in the past few months, where it has introduced new payment options in Malaysia and Indonesia in addition to India. Wirex has also added new options in Portugal as it tries to raise its profile in other parts of the world.

The Wirex Wallet is secured with biometric technology. The Solana blockchain will be the next platform that Wirex will support now that the Polygon partnership has been sealed. In the meantime, two of Polygon’s Co-founders contributed to a $2 million round of Humanode seed funding to further develop the overall blockchain ecosystem.

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